Color is a crucial aspect of this design, with most people using grey or black for the robotic bits with red shades denoting muscle, tissue or blood. Influenced by Cyberpunk writers like Bruce Sterling and William Gibson and artists like H.R. These tend to look their best when they slot into the existing characteristics of your body such as your muscle toning. Despite some aspects being similar to other pieces out there, the end product must be an original expression that matches your individual feelings and attitudes.
Also used are certain types of blue to indicate a metallic effect, with white for highlights.

Dona€™t be afraid to tackle head-on such questions as how much robot and how much organic material you want to appear in the final piece.
Alternatively, some artists like to use bright, varied choices ranging right across the spectrum, this way guaranteeing maximum levels of realism. They suit the tastes of SF lovers and fantasy nuts but require a high level of artistic skill.
Biomechanical tattoos on the rib cages are also very popular because they look so good with the natural ridging effect of the human ribs.
Be sure you find the right artist to do the job, an experienced and well-reputed individual in the business.

Other good choices for relevant areas are along the spine, on the neck or around the wrist.
Although styles can differ between artistic practitioners, some just cannot handle the difficult pieces but may not own up to this fact and have a go anyway.
You will have to shop around for a range of portfolios before deciding on who will do the work for you.

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