Sometimes the best laid tattoo plans don’t work out as you might have wanted after you get out of the chair. Maybe you got that barbed wire arm or ankle band on a whim from a friend of a friend, or maybe you walked into a shop and jumped into the chair without researching the artist or looking at his or her portfolio.  Whatever the reason – bad tattoos happen, and they happen more than you might think. Getting your girlfriend’s name might have seemed like a totally awesome idea when you first started dating.
Maybe you used to be a really big fan of the Tasmanian Devil, or maybe you were so in love with Joey Fatone that a Backstreet Boys logo seemed like logical subject for your first tattoo. Cartoon characters, TV shows, entertainers and musical acts all might seem like great themes, but what happens when the band breaks up, the show gets cancelled or you just stop being infatuated with that subject?  The fact is that people change – and many people dive headlong into a tattoo without really taking any time to think about how it would be on their body forever.
The good news is – even though a tattoo is typically seen as a “forever” choice, it doesn’t mean that you can’t take a design that you hate and turn it into something that you love and are proud to display.  A well trained artist can examine your awful tattoo (large or small) and create a unique, intelligent and beautiful design to make it disappear by turning it into something that you’ll love (not just for the moments right after you get out of the chair but for the rest of your days). This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged cool tattoo ideas, cover ups, famous tattoo artists, ink, ink master, inked, nj tattoo, popular tattoos, rose tattoo, tattoo, tattoo cover up. While the stigma of tattoos has been largely eradicated by their popularity, the problem of unwanted tattoos remains a big issue. Perhaps the most famous tattoo edit is Johnny Depp’s “Wino Forever” tattoo, which started out as “Winona Forever.”  He got the tattoo done in February 1990 by artist Mike Messina to celebrate his engagement to Winona Ryder. Covering up a portrait of an ex is particularly hard, but this shows that it is possible to do. I can’t find out more about this tattoo, such as who did the cover up or who it belongs to, but this is the earliest posting of the image I could find.
What could possibly cover up an ex’s name better than an image of someone you will always love—for example, your loving, trusty pup, Egor. The Dark Knight isn’t just great at fighting crime—his dark colors and friendly bat entourage make him a fantastic image for tattoo cover ups as well. This cover up by Tim Pangburn was an internet sensation back in 2010, and with good reason. Just because you have a “Party Dog” tattoo doesn't mean it has to look like something you were inspired to get after partying too long one night. Sometimes a cover up is only necessary to hide the poor quality of a tattoo, but not the subject itself. It’s hard to tell if the original design was supposed to be a reindeer, a moose or a horse, but the cover up, by Deanna Wardin of Tattoo Boogaloo, does an amazing job at hiding the terrible tattoo that was there before and making something new and beautiful in its place.

A busted, crooked, misspelled or unintelligible mess of a tattoo is always a primary (and very good) reason for seeking out an artist who can do a quality cover up. There isn’t a much bigger way to commit than getting your significant other’s name permanently etched on your body. Those with tattoos they no longer want have a few options—lasering them off, trying “removal” creams that tend to only lighten the ink, or covering them with another tattoo. When you turn your ex into Death, it certainly says a lot about how you currently feel about him or her.
Of course, it helps if you have a talented tattoo artist like DeviantArt user Remistattoo doing the cover up.
Just like Batman, Darth Vader’s black shading makes him perfect for hiding unwanted tattoos of any color.
Not only was the original pretty terrible and the artwork on the cover up pretty great, but the fact that the design is a scholarly T. I was told that it was too dark to cover up with anything but a big black square before, but maybe a Darth Vader would work. But when the relationship goes south from cheating, bickering or simply just growing apart that tattoo instantly becomes a major regret (even if it is done superbly).  A tattoo doesn’t always have to look like garbage for you to want to get it covered up – all it has to do is make you feel like garbage whenever you see it in the mirror. While he could have had the whole thing lasered off, he explained to GQ, “I think of my tattoos like a journal. The use of the original spider’s legs as shadows on the new design is particularly impressive. What about you guys—do you have any tattoos you want covered up, and if so, what do you want to cover them with? While it may seem like the end of the world at first, there are plenty of talented tattoo artists out there that can take create a masterpiece from your nightmare and wash away all of the bad memories at the very same time. If I alter it in some way, make it funny—put her next boyfriend’s name on top of it, say—it would still be honest.” Eventually, he combined a bit of laser removal and new ink to revise the tattoo into something he felt would be honest for the rest of his life. Bad tattoos happen more often than you think, especially with impulse tattoos or tattoos that people get a young age.
While some tattoos may be harder to coverup than others, the majority of tattoos can be covered or altered to the point where you do not cringe each and every time that you see it!The most common need or desire for tattoo coverups are name tattoos.

There are plenty of people in the world, both men and women alike, that have tattooed a name on their body for a person that just didn’t last in their lives as they thought they would.
Do you constantly live with your bad decision or do you find an artist that can simply coverup the premature decision with a masterpiece that represents your individuality? This may be a design that just did not work out as planned, an older tattoo that is just faded and discolored or as many people realize, they got a tattoo that just does not have the same meaning when they turn 45 as it did when they were 18!
In these cases, you may want to change the design completely or get a bigger design on top of it to make sure the old tattoo does not shine through the new.When looking into tattoo coverups, there are certain things that you may want to keep in mind. You may want to choose a new design that is darker in theme, giving you more options to coverup, larger designs that may utilize more black space than others, or different elements that you can add to the existing tattoo that will completely change the appeal. For example, if you have a dark tattoo that is somewhat small, you may want to choose a larger tattoo design that will simply ink over the existing. However, if you have a large tattoo that needs to be covered, you may have to just add to the design and make it manageable for your preference.In general, most tattoo coverups are done in black and grey ink since it is easier to cover pre-existing tattoos.
This does not necessarily mean that it is your only option, but it really up to both you and the tattoo artist regarding what is and isn’t possible.
Some tattoo coverups have created amazing designs that leave you in awe of your new ink and enable you to completely forget about the tragedy that rested on your skin beforehand!Not quite sure what you want to get to coverup your tattoo mishap? Your best bet is to choose a few designs that you can live with and work with your artist to design a happy medium that tackles the coverup task head on and leaves a design that you will actually be proud to showcase to the world.
With all of the inspiration in your life and the world around you, there is surely something that you would not mind having on your body – even if it is a permanent reminder of a mistake you made way back when!Here are some amazing tattoo coverups that will make you think twice about what is and is not possible in the wonderful world of tattoos.
You can absolutely see the old tattoo showing underneath, and the design doesn’t disguise it well at all. ReplyLeave a Reply Cancel replyComment Follow Us Tattoo Easily Copyright © 2016.

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