The main theme is about the warrior, the fighter, his main characteristics being strength, determination, valiance, tenacity. The turtle shell is made of a double warrior guarding on it: the visible one, in Hawaiian style, holding a spear above his head, was stylized and shaped to become the face of a warrior with his tongue stretched out, Maori-like. The turtle is surrounded and protected by a hammerhead shark (determination, protection) on the left, and by a sun (joy, positivity, success) on the right, this one being shaped by mountains(stability).
A Marquesan cross inside the head of the hammerhead shark was placed for balance and harmony; inside its body and on its side, hands and eyes of a tiki protect from that direction,whilst a tiki on the other side, pointing towards the back of the shoulder (which also refers to the past) keeps two moray eels at bay, one of which pointing upwards and the other one downwards to symbolize the spiritual and physical challenges faced and defeated in the past. One row of spear heads in the armband has two similar rows of elements along its sides, mirrored to each other.
A second row of spear heads going to the right in the design cuts the enemies out and keeps them isolated.
THE POLYNESIAN TATTOO HANDBOOKfinally the book to understand and create Polynesian tattoos! In an annual tradition for the brand, Jeep is again planning to invade this year’s Easter Safari in Moab, Utah. Jeep realizes that, more than any auto show, this event is its chance to literally get in the trenches with its core customer base. The stock 3.8-liter V-6 was left alone, but now breathes better thanks to a cold-air intake, a set of Gale Banks long-tube headers, and a special dual exhaust that adds both motivational and auditory grunt. Much less extreme than the Blue Crush—but equally fantastic—is the Wrangler Renegade, which features a 6.4-liter Hemi shoehorned underhood for a 475-hp “yee-haw!” The same engine from Chrysler’s SRT8 line is matched here with a six-speed manual transmission feeding power to heavy-duty axles. Additional visual flair comes from an AEV hood, Mopar fuel door, bikini top, half-door kit, and more.
It has been almost 20 years since Jeep last offered the Comanche pickup, but now it plans to sell a kit for you to build one of your very own, previewed by the JK-8 Independence. Another sun on the outside enhances these characteristics, and the shark teeth that build it up are for adaptability and protection.

Spear heads symbolize the warrior and the near elements are two rows of men: the ones below, turned upside down, represent the adversaries defeated by Domiziano (together with difficulties and negative changes representsd by the waves going down), kept far and at bay.
Two lizards for good luck with ipu signs for fertility and wealth come after them; shark teeth again are for protection and the fish hook stands for prosperity and status. As usual, Jeep isn’t content to merely have a brand presence or romp the off-road paradise in its standard fleet, instead hauling a handful of custom Mopar creations to the gathering.
What better way to show off some of the Mopar accessories available for the Jeep range as well as some wicked one-off trucks that aren’t just there to look pretty?
Okay, the name of this sweet little Wrangler refers to a different kind of pork chop, in which the Mopar folks set out to chop the pork, or extra weight, with the end goal being as light a Wrangler as possible, for a potent high-speed off-roader.
With this powertrain fitted into the Wrangler, you could paint it pink and we wouldn’t care; but the black and gold combo with body-colored bumpers, rock rails, and mirrors just makes us want it more.
The Renegade increases its off-road prowess with a four-inch suspension lift, 35-inch Mickey Thompson Baja Claw tires, and a Warn winch. Owners of the four-door Jeep Wrangler Unlimited will be able to purchase a kit from Mopar at the end of this summer and either build it themselves or have a shop do the dirty work.
This Cherokee is equipped with rock rails, skidplates, a compact refrigerator inside, and a roof rack complete with awning. For quarter sleeve tattoo the area from shoulder to biceps is covered whereas in half sleeve tattoo from elbow to wrist is covered. Each of these vehicles will be getting down and dirty on the trails with the rest of the Easter Jeeps, but Chrysler invited us out to preview them all nice and clean before the event begins on April 16.
Starting with a 3760-pound 2011 Wrangler Sport, Mopar tossed the doors, top, bumpers, tailgate, carpet, fenders, stock hood, and factory seats—among still more bits—in the Dumpster.
A total custom job inspired by the King of Hammers race in California, this Wrangler Unlimited needs its Fox-developed suspension, 16 inches of wheel travel, and 39-inch tires to crawl over rocks, while the Mopar 426 cubic-inch engine produces 540 hp for the high-speed leg of the race. If the looks and the knowledge of what’s under the hood don’t put you over the top, hearing this brute fire up certainly will.

Sporting a three-inch suspension lift, 32-inch tires, and an air locker in the rear differential, this truck shouldn’t have much trouble with rough terrain, but even if it does, at least you’ll have cold beer while help is on the way.
The Wrangler then got Sparco seats and a custom roll cage, while the windshield was chopped two inches. The performance transmission necessitates two auxiliary coolers mounted behind the driver’s and passenger’s heads. Two versions are planned, one being more of a bolt-in type for the back yard guys—which Jeep says should take about a weekend to complete—and the other a full weld-in kit for professionals. Custom aluminum bumpers accent the new lightweight fender flares, which are already a Mopar item, and the hood is a unique aluminum and carbon-fiber piece. LED headlights and the light bar will be much appreciated when this thing is running wide-open, skimming across the desert. Those adventurous enough to take a hacksaw to sections of the existing roll bar after removing the rear seats can replace the rear body panels with the ones supplied in the kit. The Jeep guys simply took the new, face-lifted 2011 Compass—which is the first Compass to receive a Trail Rated badge, thanks to its Freedom Drive II drivetrain—and added a two-inch lift kit, 29-inch tires, and underbody skid plates. The fiberglass bulkhead will close off the cab and mates to the front section of your hardtop (which is still removable for sunny days) and presto! They know it won’t be able to crawl over everything in Moab, but it wasn’t designed to do so, although removing the front and rear sway bars for more wheel articulation and adding an intake and exhaust system from the Mopar catalog will only help the little guy. Since these tattoos are complex, therefore getting them done in single session is practically not possible. Snakes such as anaconda and western diamondback rattler are the most common in this class.

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