We’ve already talked about the top android tablet apps, but not all are free, so what are the best free Android tablets apps in 2013?
There are a lot of high quality Android tablet apps that cost money, but there are some very good ones that come for free, too. Tablified remains of course one of the best free Android tablet apps, simply because it can help you find many other good Android tablet-optimized apps.
Evernote is the very popular note taking application, that is also optimized for Android tablets. The Pulse News app happens to be one of the best free Android tablet apps when it comes to showing you the latest news you are interested in.
If you want something more than Google Docs for your Android tablet, then Kingsoft Office should give you want you want. The Moon+ Reader app has a Pro version, too, but the free one should be good enough for everyone.
The SketchBook Express for Tablets is by far one of the best free Android tablet apps that you can use for drawing. Aviary is the maker of many photo editing apps, and their Photo Editor for Android tablets looks great and has many features, too. Now that you’ve seen what are the best free Android tablet apps for May 2013, why don’t you try them out, and see how good they are for yourself?
With the continuing increase in computer insecurity in the world, keeping an android mobile phone or tablet secure from viruses, malware and spyware is every android user’s concern. Avast isan amazing security application with a good review that transcends beyond the basic anti-malware protection and offers among others an app manger, call and SMS filtering, a firewall and a network traffic monitor and . In addition to guarding your device, this app also allows you to backup your contacts and restoring them in case your devices has an issue. Kindle Fire is not meant for gaming, but the fact that it runs on Android does lets you play few games on it. The market for Kindle Fire Apps is not as huge as Android market, but is good enough to find the basic apps that you need. You would find number of RPG games in this list, it does not mean that I am biased, it is just that the RPG games for Kindle Fire are really good.
Here is another role playing game in the list.  As the name says, it is a weird RPG because it is different than many strategy games that you have played. Google Keep is available for any Android device under the sun, but it looks great on tablets and is a lock to make the list.
There a lot of great news aggregators on Google Play, but News360 has always been one of our favorites. Autodesk has put out a slew of useful Android Apps, but SketchBook Express is one of our favorites, and it’s also free. One of the biggest advantages of today’s technology is arguably the invention of the smartphone. It's the minute each guardian fears: when your tyke stays there, sad confronted, taking a gander at a clear bit of paper before them. Mobile casino or gaming is very similar to normal gambling, with the only exception of you participating in a game virtually and with the help of your smart phone.
We have found some great alternatives that allows users to send Free text messages to phone numbers over Wi-Fi or 3G without racking up texting charges. These apps also take advantage of the large screen of the iPad making sending and receiving text messages easier than ever.
All of them have been updated for iOS 5, so you can configure how you want to receive notifications in the notification center.

After downloading the TextFree app, it only takes a few minutes to get your account set up and get your free phone number that can be used for sending and receiving text messages.
The TextFree interface on the iPad is clean and simple with only one ad at bottom of the screen.
TextPlus is a popular iOS app that allows users to send free text, picture messages and voice notes with a few additional features.
The app has a Communities section where users can start a community on any topic with friends or make it public and anyone can join it. TextMe has a nice interface that makes sending and receiving texts, pictures, videos and voice messages simple on the iPad.
With TextMe, users can create Groups to send text messages to multiple people at the same time. Google hasn’t done a very good job at promoting tablet applications in the Google Play Store, so the next best thing is using this free 3rd party app.
Not only can you create text notes with it, but you can also capture images in it, record voice, save recipes, receipts, web pages and so much more. All you have to do is set it up in the beginning, select or add your sources, and then swipe away through different news stories. It’s a full fledged mobile Office application, that rivals other paid Office apps such as QuickOffice for Android and OfficeSuite Pro. Many Twitter apps are either optimized for phones only, or are not free (which has something to do with Twitter’s new policies). It’s my favorite ebook reading app, especially, if you want to use your own epub books. It helps that it’s actually a very beautiful and intuitive app, so checking your e-mail should be a very enjoyable experience. Luckily there are numerous Android antivirus apps in the market that will guarantee your device’s security. Apart from combating viruses and malware, it also provides anti-theft and privacy protection. Apparently its anti-theft and firewall’s most advanced features require your device to be rooted. What makes this app stand out is its capability to automatically patch your device’s firmware vulnerabilities when it detects them. No doubt that the number of apps in the market for Kindle Fire Apps are increasing each day. Even free apps have hidden purchases, and you have to dig to find good apps that are fully functioning (for the most part) and free.
This handy note taking app will ensure you never miss an important memo again as you can keep track of things through lists, photos, and notes. The app gives you professional drawing tools and allows you to create some pretty amazing things.
Text from Tablet makes the improbable possible by letting you sync your tablet with your phone so you can send texts. HBO Go is the greatest streaming service known to man, and not just because you can watch Game of Thrones while you’re out and about.
Pinger’s website also offers a Web interface for the TextFree service where you can not only send text and pictures but view any messages from the past 72 hours. The store also gives you the option to choose a different phone number and purchase sound packs. Download the app, enter the required information, you will get a free phone number and you’re ready to start sending and receiving text messages.

The messages can be sent to any mobile phone number in United States, Canada, Mexico, China and more than 40 countries in the World for Free. If you are looking for more social features integrated in a text messaging app, TextPlus would be the best choice. It can be used to access not only your computer, but also help friends and family with their computer issues.
Some of these applications are offered as freeware while others you will have to pay for them. It has a very efficient virus scan and virus detection engine that will flag viruses as they try to get into your device. Its downside is that it does not have anti-theft feature even though this is a common feature in most apps. With 11 different campaign settings, and with your war tactics, you need to fight and conquer your rival nations. If you have got bored of all the conventional games on mobile platform, this one will offer you with some fresh air. Tablet apps are even harder to sift through as they aren’t as many of them, and some are obviously much better than others. You can swipe to archive things, color code your notes, and use widgets to keep things nice and neat on your home screen. The app pulls information from around the web and presents it in an easy to use interface, and it does a great job of finding stories you might missed otherwise. You can use the S-Pen, a stylus or your finger; the only thing that’s going to limit you is your imagination. The app pulls your contacts from your phone to your tab, is simple to use, and even lets you attach pictures. The service has a HUGE catalog of movies and shows including one’s that aren’t normally available through your cable provider. If you want to send text messages from your computer and your other iOS devices, you will want to go with TextFree.
It’s one of those free Android apps that you never know you needed, until you actually needed it. If you use a Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 with it, you might get more accurate drawings, thanks to the pressure sensitive pen. With that in mind we’ve come up with a short list of the Best Free Tablet Apps for Android.
You will have to have MightyText installed on your phone and tablet, but both apps are free to download. The movie section is great, but the shows are the real treat as you can get full seasons of almost every HBO series you can think of. My personal favorite is TextMe just because of the nice user interface on the iPad and how well the service works.
Great app, and it’s worth subscribing to the service just for HBO Go if you watch a lot of their series.

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