Whether you’re new to fixing, tweaking and playing with your photos on a computer or an old hand, Photoshop-style photo editor Pixelmator for Mac is one of the best apps around.
We’re excited to reveal that our sister magazine iCreate has a free copy for every reader in its new issue on sale now. This full free copy of the app has no restrictions or time limits on usage and features a powerful selection of tools for manipulating and improving your photography.
To get your hands on this amazing app you simply need to pick up a copy of iCreate 122 from your local newsagent or supermarket. Our provides the latest photography news and our fan page is the best place to communicate with other Digital Photographer fans. It’s been asked over and over again: can a simpler software tool attract more people to music making?
I love the minimalism, in that it makes an app that’s uncommonly friendly to beginners. Stockholm-based developer Henrik Lenberg, a veteran of SoundCloud and Propellerhead, is evangelical in his commitment to Auxy and its less-is-more approach. Yes, having different options for exporting midi and audio makes total sense and we’re working on adding more stuff. What would make this totally more awesome is for it to simply be a remote for Ableton Live or Bitwig. Whatever sequence you put into Auxy would magically appear as a new pattern in the session view.

Then there’s the Wejaam stuff, Korg iKaossilator with a similar spontaneous trigger grid, and Electrify NXT which certainly comes closest to Ableton Live. Alternatively you can get it delivered direct to your door by ordering iCreate 122 from the ImagineShop. You’ve got four tracks in which you can create, edit, then trigger different patterns. There’s a drum kit with three sets of sounds, a bass track with four sounds, and two synth tracks with a choice of five sounds. Tap the record button in the upper left-hand corner, and Auxy lets you live record an arrangement by triggering different clips.
If it worked with inter-app MIDI, it might become my go-to pattern maker for the various interesting synths you can now collect on iOS. The typical non-producer musician often cares more about mic input than us electronic folks – because they sing, or play guitar, for instance.
Finding a narrower set of features that still appeals to a broad range of people is a bigger challenge. We have a lot of exciting things in the pipeline so stay tuned for updates addressing some of the things Peter asks for in the article.
I agree that it could use a lot more features, but everything that IS included is absolutely perfect. We have a lot of exciting things in the pipeline so stay tuned for updates that will address some of the things Peter asks for in the article.

Most burning question for me is whether you plan to implement midi export, especially via Dropbox. Just want to be careful about adding the right things and adding them in the right way so that the app doesn’t get cluttered and confusing. Tapping a circular icon on the left brings up clever draggable knobs for controlling a filter, volume, and (in all but the drum kit) one sound parameter.
If it exported MIDI (or, as KORG recently showed, Ableton sessions), it could be the perfect mobile idea recorder.
If that discipline can be applied to providing a broader range of possible sounds, and some ability to use Auxy as a sketchpad for other music (with MIDI and Ableton export, for instance), I think it could be a landmark tool. I stumbled around the UI for a couple of minutes before I found it, and once I got there, tapping tiny icons apparently supposed to represent the piano roll editor and puzzling over what a pencil toggle with a lock meant, I realized it’s nothing like Auxy. My feeling that I had seen Auxy before was more to do with a sense that this is how touch piano rolls should work, more than how they generally do.

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