This year we’ve picked out some of the very best apps, games, books, and downloads for your new devices. The screen real estate and touch surface of the iPad make it an ideal tool for doing some serious photo editing.
Whether you want to get rid of a skin blemish, blue a sky, add filters, or something else, there are tons of photo editing apps available for iPad. Pixelmator makes learning how to use advanced editing tools simple, no matter how experienced you are.
Waterlogue isn't your run of the mill photo editing app and instead lets you transform any photo into a beautiful watercolor. Photogene offers lots of advanced photo editing tools including retouching, batch resizing, tons of filter presets you can make your own, and lots more.
Like many of the other apps here, Effects Studio offers a wide array of basic editing tools. If you edit lots of photos on your iPad, what apps have you found to be your favorites and why? Get a custom feed from your favorites sites and social accounts using Shared Links in Safari. If you think it's time to break-up with Spotify, we're here to hold your hand as you cut the final chord—ahem—and cancel that subscription. Most of us love watching TV and if you are an Android user you can do it even if you’re on the go, thanks to the plentiful of apps. All Live TV apps we tested are really good and are worth a try, so it’s up to you to pick one or even try more. Just as the headline states, TV Listings offers you over 13,000 Live TC channels to watch on your Android device and it’s 100% free.
Along with the Live TV, you can also view ratings, reminders and much more to help you choose which channel or movie to watch and this is what makes it a wonderful app to use. In2Streams comes with all the popular TV Shows and it’s also 100% free to download, though you will have to be a In2Streams subscriber to watch the shows. This Android app also allows you to watch free TV shows on your device, featuring a full-screen player with most of the shows being in HD. Top 5 Best and Free Antivirus Apps for Android smartphone and tablets – full list is available here. AVAST Mobile Security & Antivirus software is well known and most using apps for android security.
McAfee Mobile Security App is a well known Free Security & Antivirus for all android smartphones and tablets. Most of the good stuff on Android is free, thanks to the work of developers who do it for love alone.
We’ve worked our way through a whole load of Android games to reveal the ones you should download to your phone or tablet.

Even if you’re using a phone layered down with a custom user interface like Sense or TouchWiz, there are many alternatives to your pre-installed tools and settings. There’s an abundance of Android keyboards on the Play Store, and you can change them until you find one you like. The best way to unify your Android music player experience is to use one of the many standalone apps out there, all of which offer their own take on how to best make your MP3 collection sing out of your phone. If you have a relatively modern handset with a fast processor, the following media apps will spice up Google’s rather boring movie playback options and widen your options when it comes to video viewing. With tons of presets and corrections to choose from, it's a great editing option for anyone already tied into Creative Cloud.
It also maintains the highest resolutions possible so whatever you create is suitable for framing and sharing online.
When importing files, I've also learned to like the larger preview thumbnails Photogene offers so I know I'm selecting the correct photo each and every time, which is sometimes hard if you have groupings that are similar. It also comes with lots of easy to use editing tools that let you tweak and adjust quickly. But what makes it stand out from other options are its additional effects and blending tools. If you search for Live TV, Watch TV or Android TV Apps on either Google or the Google Play Android market you will find hundreds of apps for that, though only some of them are good, while the rest load very slow, do not work, come with malware or annoying notification ads. It comes with both cable and satellite channels, features a great video quality and it loads very fast.
It includes more than 5,000 episodes and more are added daily, so you can’t get bored with this app, because there will always be a new TV Show or episode to watch. Another downside is that we are not very sure about the legality and licensing of this app, so it might get removed from the market if it proves to be illegal. Also live streaming video over the internet can drain a device’s battery very fast, so you should hold a charger nearby or make sure to have your battery fully charged before you start watching.
All these antivirus software’s are best and can be downloaded free from Google play store.
If your device is connected to internet most of them time, you are carrying out various downloads, spending too much in online- all these increases your risk of attack. This is specially made for Android secures against unwanted phishing, malware, spyware, and malicious viruses such as trojans and even against loss or theft. This is Free, top-rated, real-time anti virus and anti-theft protection for Android devices. Over 100,000,000 people already installed AVG’s antivirus mobile security apps to protect their phone or tablets.
This app offers latest mobile security technologies – including superior anti-theft protection and Android antivirus. It protects your Android phone or tablet with award winning Antitheft, Find Device, App Privacy Protection.
But it does have a downside – it can be a problem to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Today, you’re more likely begging for a red iPhone — but just as the Red Ryder is useless without BBs, the iPhone is useless without apps.
Depending on what kind of photo editing you need to do, some apps may be better suited for you than others, and that's exactly what we're going to help you figure out.
Slide up and down to find the preset you want to adjust and then left and right to change the intensity. Once you're done editing, Photogene exports to pretty much every photo service and social platform you can think of.
And if you want photo extensions, Afterlight offers some of the best support right within the Photos app itself.
And if at any time you want to see a preview of your changes compared to your original photo, just hold down with two fingers to see a split screen view. If you love TV Shows then you will definitely love this app because it loads lightning fast, it has a very good and intuitive UI and a very good video quality. Below I enlist top 5 Best and Free Antivirus Apps for Android available and choose a most appropriate one for you.
You have got tools like virus scanner, virus removal, protector, network meter, app manager, app lock, and even firewall (on rooted phones). Apps for shooting photos, keeping track of your schedule, and for logging your every thought and bike ride. Oh, and there's Handoff support which means you can start editing on your iPad, and pick up right where you left off on your Mac, and vice versa. But once you have one, all your images are synced seamlessly with all your Adobe products for easy access on every device you own.
Snapseed is also one of the only photo editing apps that currently supports non-destructive edits in iOS so you can save over the original photo instead of duplicating each time. Litely also supports photo extensions and lets you apply any filter you'd like right in the Photos app.
Beyond that, you also get lots of useful editing tools including transparency options, blending textures, double exposure options, and more. Effects Studio also offers sticker, masks, and other effects to make your photos as unique as you are. Though please note you should use it on a WiFi connection because it might incur in data charges if you are not on an unlimited plan.
We’ll break down the best apps no iPhone should be without, so when you’re cozied up by the fire, you’ll have something to do — and an IFTTT app to auto-send holiday greetings on Christmas morning.
If I ever have to edit a portrait, I always turn to FaceTune before any other app, desktop or mobile.

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