I'm all for having fun in life, and I'm all for having a fun wedding, but there are some things like vows that really should be taken seriously. SingingPixie wrote:i'm planning what i hope will be a fun, laid-back and non-traditional wedding. My husband can have any type of sex he wants outside the marriage, so long as he understands that means he won't be having any further sex with me and I am then free to do as I please as well.
The internet: A system of computers linked together to send garbage back and forth and spread rumors. She also hates her mother in law, which I guess isn't unusual, but she said her mil loves her and treats her like the daughter she never had, she just thinks she is boring and annoying. We got married at Disney, and the thought of including characters in my vows never crossed my mind. I imagine that after this was used for the vows, there was some stunned, uncomfortable silence afterwards from all the people involved.

Posted in Cards, Flowers, Friendship's Day, Quotes, Letters And Poems, Wallpapers by kawarbir. Since Disney made the wise choice to purchase Marvel Comics, would you consider putting up Marvel superhero tattoos as well? My name is Laura, and on October 22 I got a tribute backpiece in memory of one of my closest friends. It was my 21st birthday on October 15th, and the only thing I wanted was a tattoo to memorialize her and the things that reminded me of our friendship and her impact on my life, so I set an appointment for the day after the one month anniversary of her passing. She accompanied her husband on a business trip to his hometown where they stayed with his parents, but she wanted (and told him as much) to stay in a hotel and not tell them they were in town. It’s fresh, just done yesterday, so Marie and Duchess look a little red and swollen, but once that dies down they are a beautiful white.
On September 21, the world lost Lacey, the beautiful girl on the left who has been featured here before, to an immune disease that attacked her liver.

She’s right over my heart forever with artwork more beautiful than I even wished for. Too many to say :] A little while after I got it I found out that they were remaking the Lion King in 3D.
It took a 2 hour 10 min sitting with no breaks, and was a bitch pain wise when it came to the colouring on the frame! This quote is very important for me because last year I lost my mom to cancer and my dad keeps remainding my brothers and me about not to stop living and follow our dreams.
I used to think she was sweet even if annoying but now I just think she's a bitch driving a wedge between her husband and his family.

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