If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Lower Back Tattoos, Belly Button Tattoos, Tattoos On The Heart and Cute Tattoos For Women. A bright red flower with tiny green leaves and a black pointed chain that resembles a tribal design, makes for a nice hip tattoo.
The simple and light feather lying in a curvilinear position on the side of the hip has a n appealing look.
Red and white colorful tattoo on the hip carved during the school days as a mark of friendship for the best friend.
This girl has a plain black and white tiger lily on her hip that would have further additions running up to shoulder. Decorative flowers across hip make for a sweet and attractive tattoo piece that any girl would love to wear. Chresanthemum and sunflower with green vines represent the lovely bond between two people despite differences.
Orange stars carved after the tricolor star signifies the pack being led by a group leader. Without hope the heart would break, this is the message of this cursive line, etched on the hip. This cassette tape tattoo along with the ribbon claiming the name of the son of the wearer looks fantastic. Cute and plain red bow with a feminine touch, resting on the hip, looks sweet and charming.

This hip tattoo bearing two sky blue flowers and the name of the girl in Arabic has a pretty look. Cool tattoo design with the image of a brain and letter from which the wearer’s name starts. Beautiful pink orchid with large petals , created on the hip, that look soothing and sweet.
The sun represented as a human face and carved in red and black makes for an interesting tattoo piece.
Wonderful words that give hope and inspiration, carved on the hip, in elegant, cursive font. This self-made tattoo of stars in dots makes for a enthralling design and has a hidden meaning. This girl has a Japanese maple on her hip to get some eco-friendly touch through the tattoo piece. The black and white bunny (aka Pikachu) on one side and five red hearts on another look cute and adorable.
The small bluebird of happiness carrying a small, red heart in its beaks has brought a lovely message. This awesome tattoo piece, bearing the face of a woman with her voluminous and colorful hair looks marvelous.
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Small tattoos are the one in all the foremost cutest tattoos designs, these styles are the lovable and superb and conjointly smart trying styles. However, there is a lot of difference between the choice of place and the design because boys and girls are said to come from different planets.
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Boys are more concerned about showing their masculine and aggressive side whereas for girls it is about showing their feminine and graceful side. When you are wearing a cloth that shows your curves and sexy contours, then the hip tattoo becomes noticeable and adds more charm to your body. Please Like and Share with your friends if you love this amazing tattoo and feel free to leave a comment below.
Here we are presenting 30 images of hip tattoos for girls where you can get to see the appealing look in various shades. Small tattoo styles as well as flower, some of social group tattoo designs, a fish, a love, a heart shapes, angel, demons, dolphins,cats and may be some quotes.
These days, girls want to show the sensual and sexy side of their beauty more than the innocent and delicate aspect.

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