If you need to raise money for an event or want to start a small business, check out these craft projects you can make. Free homemade card ideas to inspire you to start making handmade cards for friends and loved ones!
Polaroid measuring about 3 A? by 3 inches.Now time to select what to a€?featurea€? in the Polaroid. You could also change it up and use the same style for a girl but use a deeper pink, light pink, brown and white. If you would like to create these invites yourself, then just follow the tutorial below, or make it even easier on yourself…contact me for a custom order! Once you have a good layout and test the positioning of it, print it out on the white cardstock.

Next, using the Fiskars Circle Cutter, cut out different size circles in the different colors: deep blue, light blue, chocolate brown. Using mounting squares, attach all the circles together and then attach them to the white cardstock. Please remember that all images used and included on my website are mine and should not be used on any other website or in any shop without my consent. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. They have a fund raiser in school and would want to sell some craft projects to raise money. On this page, DT Member Ruth will teach you how to make a fun summer card perfect for the fun and happy season!

For more homemade card ideas, you can browse through the themes on our navigation bar on the left. Thanks for visiting my blog and shop!  I'm a mom of 3, a wife and I have a passion for invitation design.  I've been creating homemade invitations for all occasions for a long time now and I want to share them with you!  Browse through my site to get ideas and inspirations for your own creations, or let me make them for you!
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If you decided to put a birthday cake in the Polaroid a€“ you can make this a birthday card, if you put a wreath or presents in it, it can be a Christmas card.

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