Plus, there is no love lost between Phil and Coach Sleepy after the 2002 Western Conference Finals. Fake eyelashes are among the common eyelash products that can give you beautiful long lashes in an instant. There are several types of fake eyelashes you can choose from depending on the effect you want to achieve. Though fake eyelashes can instantly give you thicker and longer eyelashes, you have to know how to correctly apply them so you can achieve your desired effect for your eyes. Before using fake eyelashes, make sure your eyelids are clean and free from eye makeup or any oil-based product so the adhesive can stick properly.
Face a mirror and carefully place the fake eyelashes to your original lashes, as close as possible.

These are made up of synthetic strands that are meant to be attached to the natural lashes to make your lashes look longer and thicker.
If you want to enhance your eyelashes but still keep them natural-looking, this is your best choice.
Press them against your natural lashes and hold it for 30 seconds to make sure that the fake eyelashes is firmly in place. I wouldn't want to stick aroundand deal with the emotional baggage that surely comes with someonelacking self confidence and whom has such a distorted self image. A common part of eye makeup of celebrities, this type of fake eyelashes produces a flirtatious look which is ideal for night outs and evening parties. Besides the classic brown and black, there are also other colors available for this type of fake eyelashes.

This type of fake eyelashes is usually applied at the tip of your natural lashes for a lengthening effect. Daily we add hundreds of pictures, dozens of videos, flash games, celebrities and other great stuff.
If those boobs are fake, then we have to commend her doctor for doing a really good job because we love those firm fake tits of Bianca.

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