Tumblr is the very popular website for sharing different beautiful images, quotes and all other stuff which you want to share with your friends and other peoples but this website is most popular among young guys and tee- agers. We collected all of these quotes because mostly peoples want to find the new and best collection of quotes to send someone special or very close to their heart. So today I collected some best quotes of tumblr blog which are most popular and heart touching.
You know those images you see floating around Tumblr with thought provoking quotes on a conveniently placed backdrop?

These tumblr quotes are very unique and heart touching and I hope you will like all of these. If you are alone I will be your shadow, if you want to cry I will be your shoulder, if you want a hug I will be your pillow, if you need to be happy I will be your smile, but any time you need a friend I will just be me. This is a beautiful example of tumblr quotes from which you can get idea popularity of tumbl quotes. If you want to see more tumblr quotes then just scroll down the bar and get many beautiful examples of tumble quotes.

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