A good Photo Editing tool is essential on our Android smartphone or Tablet as often we need to fix photos taken. A minus point of this application would be that there is no stickers, objects or text to insert in the pictures. With its three category of photo filters, light filters, and photo frames, Pixlr-o-Matic allows beautifying your pictures. Previous articleDownload the best Free Android apps Picks of The WeekNext article5 Best GIF maker app for Android (FREE) Khaled Md.
Snapseed is a photo editing app for android that is useful for people who seek professional editing features on their mobile devices. PhotoDirector is a multi-purpose photo editor which can quickly and easily add overlay to your images with effects and different photo styles. Afterlight is a great app for android users as it includes of extensive filters and for your photos and allow quick social sharing. Spinly offers a light version of photo editor on android, which is perfectly optimized for someone who wants to access fancy filters and effects which other apps have without all the unnecessary fluff.
Use these useful photo editing apps for android smartphones and make your shots look perfect for social sharing.
When you take a shot from your Android smartphone or tablet, you might just not get the perfect result every time, especially when it’s dark around! We all know that capturing high-quality pictures is only possible with digital cameras but what if you were said that you can edit images like a pro on your Android device itself? If you need the real power of Adobe Photoshop on your Android mobile or tablet, this app is just made for you! With over 250 million downloads, PicsArt is the #1 choice of all new and experienced photographers. The selfies can now be brushed and be much better with AirBrush app on your Android device. Snapseed was released just a year ago and it’s now one of the most popular apps that even PC users want this app on their desktop instead of Photoshop. Fix an ordinary looking picture with the filters present in Fotor Photo Editor app and make it look stunning!!! Last but not the least; it is the Retrica app which took the photo editing lovers by a storm from 2014.
Camera on smartphones are getting better with each passing model and are approaching the quality of point-and-shoot camera. Since most people use Android smartphones to take pictures, so we have listed some free but powerful photo editing apps that you can use on-the-go to take your photography to the next level. PicsArt is one of the most popular photo editing apps with over 100 million installs on Android market.
This app provides tons of options for photo manipulations and a wide variety of effects, masks, borders, stickers, text tools, clipart graphics, callouts, frames, enhancement tools and more. PicsArt has its own social networking service which allows you to share your images with the largest mobile art-based community. Snapseed is a great photo editing app created by respected software developer, Nik Software Inc., which is a popular plugins manufacturer for Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.
With the app, you can easily enhance and transform your photos using its incredibly advanced features like auto correct, selective adjust, and tune image feature. Snapseed used to be a costly app, but since Google acquired Nik Software, Snapseed is now free of charge and has been integrated with Google+. Pixlr Express is one of the most powerful photo editing app developed by Autodesk Inc and is available for free. It has enough tools for power users too, coupled with Photoshop-like effects such as pencil, poster, halftone, water color, sketch, among others. Aviary is another powerful smartphone photo editor that allows users to quickly edit their photos using its one-tap auto enhance tools.
Aviary also features a set of Cosmetic Tools, which gets rid of flaws and blemishes, whitens teeth, and removes red eye.
To make the app easier to use, users can also customize their screens by dragging and dropping their favorite toolsets. Pixlr-o-matic is a fun photo editing app that comes with a variety of effects, filters, borders, and overlays.
BeFunky also provides various photo frames like Polaroid, Filmstrip, Halftone, to give your photo a stylish look. The interesting feature of the app is that you can add unlimited number of effects to your photos to make them look however you want.
Befunky Photo Editor also supports tablets, and is available in free as well as paid version. Cymera offers huge variety of hand-picked filters, shooting modes, face detection, collage effects and more than 800 decoration options. Another great features of Cymera is that it allow you to overlay decorations to make photos more fun, or free draw on images.
Picsay is an award winning mobile photo editing app that combines basic editing features and a few extra perks to produce interesting photos. Along with these features, Picsay also allows users to add Word Balloons, Texts, and Stickers. Moreover, you can apply contrast, brightness, exposure, contrast, temperature, and artistic effects as well. Like the Picsart, VSCO Cam also has its own VSCO community where users can join and share their edited pictures. Like many photo editing apps, Photo Editor Pro also allows users to add fun stickers, create their own memes, and draw on photos. Once you have edited your photo, it allows you to share the edited pictures on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. These are some of the best photo editing apps which you can download for free from Google Play Store. Android smartphones now come with great cameras and features, allowing you to use them even as digital camera and laptop replacements, which means you can take photos and even edit them on the go. FX Photo Editor is probably the most complete android app in its category, featuring over 110 unique effects that can be easily applied to your photos.
This app comes after a desktop web app bases on Flash that tried to replace full-featured image editing software and has been developed by Autodesk Inc., a popular CAD design company. Pixlr-o-matic allows you to either take a photo and edit it or choose an existing one from your gallery.
PicSay comes also in a free and paid version and it’s an award-winning photo editing app for Android, featuring effects like Vignette, faux HDR, Tilt-shift, Pencil Sketch. This app also allows you to add titles, hairstyles, shapes, editable text and more to your photos in order to personalize them better, being able to share it on the most popular social networks or through MMS, WiFi or Bluetooth. LightBox Photos is a more simple app that allows you to apply effects, geotag or take photos on your Android device. This app also allows you to set up your own photo blog on their website and socialize with the other members, all being passionate about photography. Instagram is probably the easiest photo editing app on Android, though it doesn’t have many features.
Magic House has a wonderful interface and has become popular on Android probably due to the lack of Instagram.
PhotoFunia is a really fun photo editing app for Android, featuring face recognition and the ability to transform faces or even fit them onto scenery. This app is free, though it requires a SD card for installation, so it might not work for everyone. BeFunky comes in both free and paid version and includes 20 and, respectively 50 effects available to add to your photos. Sure, you can do some basic editing tasks on your phone or tablet already, but downloading additional apps lets you add effects that don’t come as standard, without having to fire up your laptop. Easy to use and hugely popular (boasting more than 10 million downloads), PicSay offers all the basic editing features you’d expect like cropping and straightening, plus filters, tilt shift, and the ability to add speech bubbles and remove red eye.

If you want an arty effect that out-Instagrams Instagram, this could be the photo editing app for you. Staff Writer Diane is especially interested in high-tech medical advances, weird and interesting uses of science, new gadgets, and the intersection of tech and lifestyle.
But with so many photo editing apps available on Android market its hard to find the right one that works well. The included basic options such as resizing, cutting or adjusting the format are easy to use. Also, the app seems uncomfortable as it does not auto-rotate, and the UI can feel a little sluggish.
We have available modes depending on image size, and we can use the maximum number of pixels. The developer of this app had tools developed for Adobe Photoshop, so you can expect outstanding results.
That’s why we spend that extra time tweaking them before sharing them with the world on various platforms. This app isn’t flashy, but offers a simple and efficient way to start editing and tweaking your photos. It allows editing of RAW image format and the ability to enhance photos with a range of preset and tools. There are 59 filters, 66 different film textures and 77 adjustable frames to tweak your image with. You’ll also find a light leak feature that’s unique to Spinly with a various angles to give your photo that professional-amateur look. If you want to express the best, an image can do it for you instead of words but you need to take the finest shot to make it look as attractive as possible.
It has more than hundreds of photo editing tools with customizable filers and collage maker as well. The fact that many professional photographers use it makes it even worth to download it on your Android devices. I will say it as the simplest of all the photo editing apps available in the Google Play Store. In this app, you can get 13 different scenes options wherein you can match with the conditions in which you are capturing the photos. No matter where you see some awesome picture, you are sure to find the Retrica logo on their photos. To share them with our friends and family we need to do some editing on them to make them more beautiful. With high megapixel sensors and optical image stabilization, more and more people are taking photos with their smartphones and leaving their digital cameras behind.
It is a one-stop app that consists of photo editor, drawing tool, photo grid, college maker and much more.
You can create a PicsArt profile and use the in-app purchase system to get rid of ads and download various stickers to be inserted in your pictures. The Selective Adjust feature lets you highlight and focus specific objects or areas and the Tune Image feature tweaks brightness, shadows, white balance, saturation and other effects.
This app lets you quickly crop, resize, and fix any picture, remove red-eye, and whiten teeth.
You can create photo collage with so many cool effects, such as focal blur, denoise, and more.
Whether it is dust on your camera’s lens or flash burning out a small portion of the image, Aviary is a good app for image correction. The app won’t let you apply more than one filter from each category which you can workaround by saving the photo and load again. It provides all the appropriate editing tools along with some additional effects, which you won’t find in other Android camera apps. It has everything you need in a Smartphone camera and photo editor to help you capture and edit images. The ability for creating word balloons is something which really sets the app apart from other apps. In the paid version, you get additional content like more filters and more actual features like pressure-sensitive drawing, removing red-eye, and others.
This app offers various photo editing tools which allows users to fully edit and customize their photos.
As its name suggests, Photo Editor Pro enables you to edit and enhance your photos like a pro. Do not worry, Photo Editor Pro is available for free in the Play store, just install the app and enjoy! There are hundreds of photo editing apps on the Android market and we tried them all in order to make a list of the best ones and present you the ups and downs of each one.
The app also has 10 preset themes, real-time opacity setting and the ability to combine multiple effects. This app comes with so many features it would take us an entire article to write about and it comes in both free and paid version, depending on your needs and budget. Pixlr-o-matic is a very easy to use app, though it has a plentiful of features, built-in effects and also downloadable ones. Photo can be afterwards shared with your friends though different methods, including Facebook and imm.io photo sharing service. It has multiple editing options and color adjustments allowing you to easily edit your photos or images.
Edited photos can be afterwards shared on Facebook, Twitter or the Lightbox social network, though you will need to sign up for your account if you want to use the latter. One more feature of this app is that you can navigate through the other users’ publicly uploaded photos. Is allows you to take photos, add filters to them and upload them to Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare, and Tumblr.
This app comes with more features than Instagram, like the ability to backup your photos to your Dropbox account and it also features more social networks. It has a lot of effects and filters and the interface allows you to change them and place them wherever you want to make the app much easier to use for you. You can take a photo or pick one from your gallery and then choose one of the 150+ scenes available. Photoshop Express also allows you to share your photos through a number of social services and also WiFi, Bluetooth, MMS and more. It also provides a real-time updated thumb of the photo to see how it would look with the effects you are going to use, so you can make an idea about it.
It comes with all the editing options you’d expect, like cropping and filters, plus options like removing red eye and whitening teeth, and you can preview effects thanks to the Pixlr Live feature.
Or if you can’t decide on the best look, pick the randomizer tool and the Pixlr-o-matic will automatically select an effect, overlay, and border for your photo.
When not working, she reads the internet, listens to podcasts, watches American TV, and thinks about leaving the house. On this page, I’m going to focus on some of the best android photo editor app available. Photoshop Express for Android also will not be included because of the inadequate supply of options it offers. We want to resize the picture, ability to adding text and stickers plus image enhancements.
The app will not let you use more than one filter from each category which you can workaround by saving the photo and load again.
Photo editing apps on smartphones have become a necessity nowadays as today’s photo editing apps make it easier than ever to enhance, crop, remove blemish, add effects and filters and more. You can grab stuff from your phone, including your camera photos and anything else you have saved to your device. You can select an object and the app intelligently creates a magnified view of where you are painting with your finger, which makes it easy for faster masking.

This mobile version of Lightroom is useful for people who are been using Lightroom on other platforms, being already familiar to the software makes it easy for them to use the app.
You can be a professional photographer by using the various Android app available for FREE of cost.
The amazing editing options, existing gallery images, backgrounds and the collection of paid images, all make it a perfect app to install on your Android device. This app has some awesome filters to make sure that every shot taken by you is perfect and there’s no chance for error! If at all you don’t like the edited image, you can simply revert back to the original one just with a tap. You can also use the painting tools and brushes which are already available within the app. Crop, rotate, adjust colors, brightness, blur the image, mirror mode and lots more make this app to be in this top 10 list of Android photo editor apps today! If you think I have missed the most popular photo editing apps for Android, you can connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus page to let us know about it. Ultimately, making them unusable and then freaking out to fix things back and usually he fixes them in a day or two. These things capture memories of our moments so they need to be edited to fill life into them.There are number of video editing software with which you can create and edit videos right on your Android smartphone.
Other features of Snapseed include frames, texture and tone adjustment, sharing via email, and more. Its Auto Fix feature is the most interesting as with just one click the app automatically adjusts brightness, color, exposure, contrast, etc. With its three category of photo filters, light filters, and photo frames, Pixlr-o-matic allows you to completely transform your images.
VSCO Cam’s editing tools include crop, rotate, sharpness, brightness, contrast, saturation, highlights, shadows, and much more. It features one-tap auto enhance feature, color splash, filters, frames, and the basic features like crop, rotate, color balance, and red eye removal, are present as well. Like most photo editing apps, it allows you to share it through a plenitude of methods, so it doesn’t lack any basic function of a photo editor.
Save to your device’s library to post on Insta, or share to Facebook or Twitter directly from the app.
The great thing is that now Google acquires the developer, expect more goodies from this app in a future update.
You can create a PicsArt profile and use the in-app purchase system to get rid of ads and download various stickers or objects to insert in pictures. Many Photo effects are available, including HDR, by purchasing the PRO version of the application.
This photo editor app for android gives you plenty of powerful features to edit your picture with advanced features like RGB curves and HSL tools. The app is a 30-day trail but those who have a Creative Cloud subscription can go beyond the specified limit. Spinly is a very simple app to jump onto so this might be worth for the people who want a lightweight photo editor app for their android phone.
I don’t think you should spend a single penny as you have many apps that can craft your photos your way! You can easily adjust the RGB colors, white balance etc and also add HRD effects to your photos from this app.
Moreover, it is also possible to share these edited pictures on your social media profiles such as Facebook, Instagram, Flickr and lots more! It is also possible to connect with various artists who have tons of experience in guiding newbies to use the app at its best!
You can eliminate the spots, wrinkles etc just with a touch on the screen and that’s the reason the app is named as AirBrush. Use as many as vibrant colors you want to within this app and I am sure you will see a lot of difference.
There are lots of filters present in this app which simplifies the definition of photo editing.
The app has more than 50 advanced photo editor effects which makes it even special one to pick from today’s photo editor Android apps list.
Because most of the users share the images on their social media accounts right after editing them through Retrica.
However, apps are coming out all the time that add more functionality and mobile users have more to do with their photos.
Just a single brush-up on the image and it’s all set to go live on your social media accounts.
The app is capable of handling high-resolution pictures very well and responds quickly to commands.
Snapseed is known primarily for its filters – Retrolux, Vintage, Tilt Shift, Grunge, Drama and other cool effects. Painting on the picture or adding text and stickers to many fonts and other items available and more to be downloaded.
This appA automatically turns your video clips and photos into awesome edited movies, complete with your choice of music, cool graphics, and effects, in just a few minutes.It has over 25 million users and has been featured in many prestigious magazines and news. Working with the app is a pleasure because of its straightforward and functional interface. Then we have frames and borders, plus the ability to draw on the picture or include another photo. Its facial recognition system recognizes important people in your videos.It has a very good social media integration with which you can share your videos with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram etc. You can trim your videos, extract audio, transcode and grab frams of your video.With this app, you can convert your video files to mp3 audio files directly on your device. AndroVidWith this app you can very easily trim, trancode, add audio, apply effects, add text and many things to your video.
You can mix music with the existing audio or replace the current audio with a different one.It also offers the basic video editing functionality offered by other apps in the list. With this you can export high definition videos.You can split, trim, capture video frames and apply a variety of effects to make your video beautiful. You can insert background music for video, find video frames, remove an unwanted segment of video, etc. It is a fully featured video program where you can create professional looking videos within minutes. It offers a variety of themes to make your videos more beautiful.KineMaster supports multiple media sources also.
You can add eye catching effects to your videos using its various transition effects like 3D transition & PiP and other effects.
The app is completely free, available at google Play and is developed by Top video Studio.Make your own music video by adding your favorite music to the video created. You can also merge different videos, even videos with different formats can also be merged. She is a passionate blogger, technology lover, plays chess, likes to express her views via blog and is music lover. Out of the apps that you have mentioned I loves the KinMaster Pro which seems to be have much better options and features than others.
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