Stay up to dateThe product is being actively developed - be sure to check release notes regularly. For years, developer on Windows facing a lack of a well designed and feature rich text editor (like Textmate on Mac). If you ever need to do a lot text based programming for web related development then you will know what I’m talking about.
You should check it out if you are looking for some feature rich text editor.So why Sublime Text is so good ?

Well, it got some very neat features you might like.Grid view and Multi Column ViewYou can re-arrange your workspace, into grid views, or multi column views up to 4 columns. And you can do that all with keyboard shortcuts.Quick File Find with Sneak PeakIn Windows press, Control + P, to launch the file finder bar, from there it will quickly find and file as you type showing you a real time update and let’s you to sneak peak of what’s inside the file without actually opening it. Notice here, the tab I have a style sheet opened, but it’s showing a sneak peak of the index.php file.AutocompleteWho says auto complete can only be alive in IDE ?
This awesome text editor automatically detects the language of your file, and it gives you a list of suggestions (autocomplete) as you type.

You can press Control + R to launch this quick searching bar to find all the method or symbol or function that you have in your documents.
You can launch it by pressing “Control + Shift + P”This will give you access to all the features and functions Sublime Text offers, including a list of shortcuts for corresponding function.

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