What is the best apps and games that u have found on Nokia OVI store for the nokia touch screen devices that are free? The good thing about Android is that it gives you access to the device’s entire file system without requiring you to “root” the phone (or tablet). Google Play Store hosts hundreds of file management apps for Android so let’s compile some perfectly useful apps for managing your files on your Android phone and tablets. I have tested about a dozen file management apps for Android and some of these are almost as feature-rich and powerful as Windows Explorer or the Finder app on your Mac.
To conclude, if you already have QuickOffice or AirDroid on your Android phone, you don’t really need to install another file manager app. If you would like to receive our RSS updates via email, simply enter your email address below & click subscribe. Non-Nexus Android devices come with a default photo gallery application, but sometimes they aren’t all we want it to be.
Some developers have even gone as far as recreating Apple’s iOS photo gallery app under a different name.
Piktures Gallery claims to be the first gesture-based photo gallery for managing all of your photos and videos.
Flickr from Yahoo is another fun photo gallery app, as it just this year got a big overhaul.
The A+ Gallery takes the iPhone-style photo gallery and brings it to Android with a Material Design style. Last up is a unique gallery called FOTO, which allows you to organize thousands of photos in under a minute. FOTO Gallery also has all the basic search and view functions, but in addition to that, it also has Chromecast integration.
You forgot to mention that perhaps THE defining feature of Quickpic is that you can create custom folders, and that it can read files in said folders. Was using QuickPic for years but now Cheetah has taken over development it will most likely end up with bloated junk, over bearing advertising and worrying security issues. Caitlin DicksonIt’s almost Thanksgiving, that time of year when cooking is almost mandatory—even for the most ardent restaurant patron. Although the Instagram app has been made popular by the iPhone, it works just as well on the iPad too.
This morning we explored five of the best Instagram web apps and now let’s look at five iPad alternatives that let you view your photos in a few different ways. To celebrate Instagram week we’re running an easy to enter mobile photography competition with our friends at Orbitsound. Instagallery is an iPad app that lets you browse Instagram photos on an iPad using the Instagram API. I would have liked to see the costs that are associated to it so I could add to my business case justifi cations to use the technology. Android, the vanilla edition, itself doesn’t include any file manager app but there are literally hundreds of apps in the Google Play store that fill the void and let you easily manage files and folders stored on your mobile device.
Total Commander – This is the most popular file manager app listed on the Google Play store with an average user rating of 4.9 though the interface is confusing and poorly designed.

ES File Explorer – This is again a feature-rich and extremely popular file management app for Android that has a clean interface and does too many things. File Expert – An ad-supported file manager app with an easy-to-use UI and the paid version offers some unique features like File Shredder (for deleting files permanently) and Safe Box (for hiding files in a secret folder). Xplore File Manager – This is a very popular app and jam-packed with features but the app’s layout is so bad, you can easily skip this one. Fylee – Another clean and simple file manager app for Android with just the essential features and free of advertising. Google QuickOffice – While QuickOffice is more of an Office productivity suite from Google, the app also double as a file manager. Else you can go with File Wrangler – the app has a nice, easy to use interface, free of advertising and supports a dual-pane interface. Whether you want a professional photo gallery app straight from Google or a small-scale photo gallery from an independent developer, Google Play has something for you. Not only is it a visually pleasing app to view photos in, but it’s also smart in that you can view them by year, the location a photo was taken at, and so on.
This does everything a photo gallery app would do (it even has a GIF player) and takes quality up a notch. Not only can you upload and view all of your photos in the Flickr app, but you can also edit them with Flickr’s online photo editing features.
It features a colorful theme and modern design (not Material Design, unfortunately) to help you easily find and access photos. There isn’t anything particularly special or unique about this gallery, just that it takes the iPhone-style design and incorporates it to Android with a twist.
If you’re not familiar with that, it will essentially let you cast your photos and videos to a TV with a Chromecast device in it. However, that hasn’t stopped developers from using the real-time API offered by Instagram to create a range of iPad applications that let you browse by location, swipe through your photos and put them in fancy frames. All you have to do is take a photo with an Autumnal theme and share it on Twitter along with the hash tag #ShinyAutumn. She’s particularly interested in wearable technology, how our mobiles can help us to get fitter and ways to introduce mindfulness and meditation into our busy working lives. With Total Commander, you can zip and password-protect files and folders with AES encryption. It can connect to your Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive and other cloud storage services and you can thus easily access and mange all your files from one central app. It can connect to various cloud services, you can also transfer files from FTP servers and shared folders on your home network plus there’s a disk analyzer app to help you discover the space-hogging files. The app offers a tabbed interface, commonly seen in browsers, and that makes it easy to jump from one open folder to another. You can add folders to your favorites list and access them quickly with a simple left-to-right swipe. Tap “Internal Storage” and you can browse the device’s file system, move or copy files between folders and there’s a search feature that simultaneously searches your phone and Google Drive. This is a basic file management app but the real magic happens when you connect your phone to your desktop over Wi-Fi through AirDroid.

If you want your file manager app to do more than just file management, ES File Explorer is a good option.
Android is a popular platform and, as a result, there’s a variety of different photo gallery apps available for all. It has a fast and beautiful interface, lets you resize photos before sharing, and everything is very intuitive.
There’s no need to worry about a lack of storage space, as Flickr gives you up to 1000GB of cloud storage for all of your photos and videos. Unique to QuickPic is its slideshow feature, which lets you view all of your high quality photos in a slideshow format.
Not unlike novels and newspapers, old fashioned cookbooks seem to have been replaced by smart phones and tablets. As a northerner living in London, she loves exploring the city, going to the cinema at every possible opportunity and Instagramming everything that crosses her path.
There are light and dark themes to choose from, the app supports file previews and you can compress multiple file as a single zip. There’s also Quick Draw to help you bookmark your most-used folders and files for quick access. Once connected, you can access and organize your Android files from the desktop inside a Windows Explorer style interface.
Granted, they’re compressed in a smaller, low quality format, but who wouldn’t want all of their photos backed up into the cloud for viewing on any device?
It truly is gesture-based, as almost everything can be accessed through swiping and sliding. You can even exclude certain albums from the slideshow if you want to only go through a few moments with friends or family. All of your photos can be synced or backed up to other cloud storage services like Dropbox and Google Drive as well as the ability to transfer them over to Facebook.
The organization isn’t perfect, so some photos might not end up where they belong, but it works for the most part. I’m still using the pre-Cheetah release of that app and have found cropping seems to have some bugs on Android 6. So we’ve put together a list of the best cooking apps for every skill level, from the kitchen neophyte to the aspiring gourmand. The winner will get a fabulous T12v3 speaker bar from Orbitsound and 19 runners up will get random iPhone related goodies. The user has little interaction with menus, except when selecting different views, categories, and so on. Similar to Google Photos, MyRoll will also notify of you of moments from the past, so you can look back and reflect on that trip to Paris or your child’s first birthday party. It also has a neat file transfer feature, which allows you to share photos with other devices over the Wi-Fi.

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