Each Polynesian island has its own meaning and symbolism attached to their tattoos, but there are some common themes such as courage, rank, sexual attractiveness, rite of passage and talisman. Easter Island tattoos: These designs are thought to make the skin sacred and because of this the wearer would be able to communicate more closely with the gods. Tonga tattoos: Tattoos from this region are similar to Samoan styles in that they also tell the story of the wearer’s life. Cook Island tattoos: Tattoos born of the Cook Islands typically include a sign or symbol that links the wearer to their tribe. Marquesa Islands tattoos: In this region, tattoos were worn to enhance one’s appearance and make them appear more attractive to a mate. New Zealand tattoos: These tattoos, known as Mori tattoos, contain distinctive spiral patterns and depict passion, courage and social status.
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Hummingbirds are beautiful creatures with a mystique that makes them very popular for many people. They can be read like a book and tell the story of the wearer’s societal position, age, rank and place in life.
These tattoos were typically stylized versions of what the wearer wanted to have control over, such as boats, birds and turtles.
These tattoos may be given to mark a passage through life and are frequently displayed all over the body, with the exception of the face.
Completion of these tattoos may take years and with each new rank or passage a ritual is created in which the wearer adds to the design. Many religious folks believe the dove represents the holy spirit while others might believe the dove represents maternal instincts. We do know they are very popular in the tattoo industry so here are some examples to look at if you’re looking for ideas.

They come in all shapes, sizes and colors which leaves an infinite amount of ways these plants can be tattooed on an individual.
Below we’ve shared 60 of some of our favorite flower tattoos in case you are looking for ideas or just want to browse. Whether it be a watercolor tattoo or a realistic version, hummingbird tattoos can be very cool so we listed some photos below to take a look at.

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