When I started the Tattoo Art Project I was amazed by all the talent I encountered on both the web and in magazines.
I know for sure that Sandor Pongor’s contribution to the 10 songs from a life project will be truly amazing, no doubt in my mind!
Megan Hoogland is one of the best female artists you will find when it comes to color or black and gray. Paul Booth is the king of macabre tattoo art.  He is well respected by the tattoo community for his dark art and is in high demand. He’s originally from New Jersey and attended Catholic schools all the way through high school.
He got an apprenticeship in 1988 but the work was uninspiring.  He soon opened his own studio in Manhattan and then eventually moved his shop to Hell’s Kitchen in 2007. His shop includes several thousand square feet of space which houses a video theater, a display of Paul’s paintings and his collection of bottled body parts and instruments of torture. Back in 2000 he created a unique art movement call “The Artfusion Experiment” for tattoo artists.  He recently expanded his artistic interests to film and his debut work was about the ArtFusion project. There’s a serious grouping of talented artists and a long standing history of awesome tattooing in all of Florida. When you start searching for the best tattoo artists in Jacksonville, you only find a few SEO optimized results and a random assortment of forums and community items. We encourage you to send us submissions for any tattooists we may have missed, we would be happy to grow this list. We decided to create our own list – and without further wait, we present you with the best tattoo artists in Chicago.

A strict blackworker, Delphine is able to mix pointillism and linework with her own brand of striking imagery. The windy city loves it’s traditional and Daniel Tipton gives the people what they want. That’s why I’m extremely excited to announce that Sandor Pongor has now also joined the project! But I believe that it was when I saw this back piece in a magazine I realized that the best artists aren’t always the ones that are the most famous. His shop, Last Rites Tattoo Theatre, is decorated like a haunted castle with dungeon decorated rooms, red candles and black walls. For this reason, naming the best tattoo artists in Jacksonville (Florida’s most populous city) is not a simple ask.
We decided to take it upon ourselves to put something together deserving of these artists in question.
Yet, even with this wealth of talent, we were only able to find a few reads on the best shops.
Focusing mainly on pointillism and blackwork her work standouts as one of a kind within the city.
His multidisciplinary approach is evident in his work; in some items you can see elements of brush strokes and unique pattering more common to a canvas than that of a tattoo (dope!). Well known in Chicago, Nick has put his stamp on a large percentage of it’s tattooed population.
Just outside of Chicago (in Oak Park) you would be hard pressed to find a more detailed creator anywhere in the city.

Check him out if you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, within the traditional mold.
If you’re looking to get a Koi, Hannya, or any other similar figure, this is definitely the girl you want to see.
We’ve featured her work on the account more than once, and we hope to see more of Tina in the future.
David has some really neat prints for sale up on his site – you should totally check them out.
Patrick is the owner of the Speak Easy, and for this, he gets a tonne of love in our books. In my opinion, a tattoo artist like Sandor Pongor may not be super famous…yet, but he has an artistic originality and unique style within the realistic genre that just blows my mind!!
Knowing that Sandor also has a really interesting traditional paninting and drawing style, that makes me even more stoked that he is joining this project. It shows the public that tattoo artists are truly talented and should be respected for their talents.

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