The owner of Black Anchor Collective in Hesperia, CA, Nikko’s color portraits are second to none. David started his tattooing career under the tutelage of Jim Gambell in 2006 at Ritual Art Studio. If you’d like an realism artist recommendation for your area please fill out the form below. Need an artist or shop recommendation?Give us a description of the tattoo you're looking for and we'll try to match you up with a great local artist or shop!
Los Angeles has no shortage of talent when it comes to ink. A rich history comprised of many influences and cultures have produced some of the most notable tattooists of our generation.
It was difficult to find a succinct list of the best tattoo artists in LA, so we decided to create our own. Mister cartoon got his start in graffiti and has since graduated to become an award winning, superstar tattooing, monolith of the Los Angeles tattoo scene.
Kari owns over 35 years of tattoo experience, 500 awards, best tattooist monikers, and lifetime achievements. Hailing from the great Onizuka Tattoo Shop, Jakoh is a traditional Japanese artist who adds to the shops storied legacy. William strives to creates custom projects influenced by sacred geometry, modern illustration, pointillism – and of course his clients vision.

While we try to keep these lists Instagram focused, there was no way this article could have been written without Deutsche.
Mobilized by the growing interest in Eastern spirituality in the world of the best tattoo artists hundred engraved in the body met in Nepal to share ideas in an International Tattoo Convention.
As I said at the previous post, zodiac is one of things that is really demanded to be tattoo design. He is known to be one of the best realism tattoo artists around and another award winning tattoo artist that we love.
Not only is David a fantastic portrait artist but he knocks pin ups out of the park as well.
The more detailed your request is the more likely we’ll be able to find a good artist for your idea.
He got his start apprenticing under Khoa Nguyen of Skin Art Studios in Boston, and since then has been building a reputation as one of the best tattoo artists in Los Angeles for his respective style.
He’s only been tattooing since 2008 but has begun to make quite a mark in just a short time.
Eddy has had the privilege to with the greats over his career; In 1991 he opened Tattoo City with Freddy Corbin, Dan Higgs and, Don Ed Hardy. Whether it is portraits, animal realism, biomechanical, etc., these artists have steadily proved to be some of the best around.

This award winning artist owns his own shop in Northridge, CA called MD Tattoo Studio and you should consider yourself lucky if you can get in to see him.
Since 2002, Nikko has been honing his craft and he’s come a long ways in a relatively short amount of time.
If you’re in the Portland area, you should stop by the shop but David’s waiting list is long (as are all of the artists we’ve listed). Our goal with these articles is to reflect a grouping of 10 artists in a given area that we are quite fond of – rather than that of all out gospel.
Not only one of the best tattoo artists in Los Angeles, Rich could be one of the best in the world for his respective style. His vibrant and detailed tattoos make him one of the best around and we hope you check his work out. He’s won numerous awards including National Tattoo Associations “Artist’s Choice Realistic Tattoo Award”, “People’s Choice Realistic Tattoo Award”, and Artist’s Choice Tattooist of Best colored Back Piece” just to name a few.
Clearly he is a very popular artist and if you want to get inked by him, you better pitch a tent because it’s going to be a while.

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