Need an artist or shop recommendation?Give us a description of the tattoo you're looking for and we'll try to match you up with a great local artist or shop!
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10) Certified Customs At first glance, you might not think Certified Customs is a tattoo shop. 9) Sol Tribe Tattoo & Body Piercing Before opening Sol Tribe, Alicia Cardenas was the co-owner of Twisted Sol for thirteen years.
8) Ritual Tattoo & Gallery Sandi Calistro and Missy Rhysing opened Ritual Tattoo earlier this year.
7) Fallen Owl Tattoo Studio Fallen Owl opened in 2010, but the name dates back to before owner Adam Rose was born: His grandfather had a taxidermied owl, which he would use to terrify his children and grandchildren.
6) Dedication Tattoo Sam Yamini, Andy Canino, Jason Boatman and Brian Thurow joined together to open Dedication Tattoo about two years ago. 5) Mammoth American When Will Thidemann and Sandi Calistro owned Kaze, they'd inherited the name of the gallery. 4) Thick As Thieves Tattoo Mike Pinto was the co-owner of Guilt By Association before he opened Thick As Thieves, drawing inspiration from the sense of camaraderie among misfits he'd found at Guilt By Association.
3) Old Larimer Street Tattoo Joe Miller didn't have to think too hard when picking the name for his shop, located in the historic Ballpark neighborhood. 1) Kitchens' Ink Tattoo & Art Gallery The idea of a stranger digging ink-soaked needles into your skin for hours at a time can be scary, so some comfort is welcome when you're getting a tattoo.
Find out about upcoming performances, exhibitions, openings and special events happening in the Denver art and theater scene. This tattoo shop in Capitol Hill employs a diverse selection of artists who can tackle whatever you throw at them.
Owned and operated by artist Willie Stewart and his wife, Ananda Art and Tattoo has inked people all over the metro area since 2009. Not only does Brave New World employ versatile artists who can tackle a plethora of subject matter, it also offers a laid-back atmosphere. Along with custom tattoos from eight resident artists, Sol Tribe also offers a full range of piercing and other modification services, such as branding. Featuring shops such as Th’Ink Tank Tattoo, Sol Tribe, Bound By Design, Mantra Tattoo & Piercing, Landmark Tattoo, and Lifetime Tattoo, Denver is a great destination if you’re looking for some new ink.
When Rose was sixteen, he inherited the owl -- which by then had become a symbol for his family.

Kitchens' Ink provides this comfort through its name, which nods to the coziest room in the house.
The artists can work magic with anything from a simple character design to an intricate piece with tons of shading and detail. Each artist is highly skilled, and their portfolios range from whimsical, fun tattoos to realistic and lifelike tattoos. With a population of around 663,000, there are lots of potential customers for the parlors in town.
When it comes to researching a shop, its name is probably the first thing you'll come by--whether you hear it from a friend or you find it on social media.
When Nando "Yeyo" Mondragon was released after five years in prison, he wanted to start his own company. He has an owl tattooed across his chest, and has done plenty of research on the mythology that surrounds the animal. For this reason, you want to be sure that the tattoo you’re getting looks good and turns out the way you intended.
At this shop, you will receive a piece that is intricate and detailed, popping right off of your skin.
They are also educated in tattoo safety so you can be assured that your tattoo will be clean and sanitary.
They are very professional, yet friendly, and know how to make you feel at ease while being poked repeatedly with a sharp needle. Whether you’re in the market for a detailed portrait, a piece inspired by a style of art or a more simple tattoo, there is an artist at Sol Tribe who can give it to you. So tattoo shops have to pick a name that sets them apart from the rest, that tells clients who they are and what kind of experience to expect. When we opened, we had nothing on the wall for people to choose from, but actually required that the artists have some pretty serious art skills. Everyone who works here is pretty much completely covered from ears to toenails." So they decided to name the shop Dedication, to show just how committed to the lifestyle they really are. I liked how personable it is and the easy access the name gave," says owner Joe Manley, who got the idea for the name while tattooing a friend in his kitchen. You want to find an artist whose work jives with your personal aesthetic and who can do what you want. Open seven days a week, Lifetime Tattoo offers hours that are accommodating to many schedules.

Ananda Art and Tattoo is passionate about art, showcasing work from local artists at which you can look while you’re getting your piece. Located in the Santa Fe Arts District, the shop looks more like an art gallery than a traditional tattoo shop and the interior puts you at ease through the whole process.
Each artist at the shop has a portfolio of exquisite work, and they are respectful of each customer. Google Places lists 321 different tattoo shops in the Denver area, which shows how competitive the city truly is. Denver has its fair share of tattoo shops, many of them with original, witty, weird and memorable names. It kind of changed the whole game as far as tattooing in Denver." When she opened Sol Tribe in 2009, she wanted to pay homage to the shop that had started it all -- but she also wanted to set it apart from other shops by focusing on the ancient roots of tattoo art.
You're having this intimate relationship with a client and there's definitely an energy exchange, and I think that's really what Ritual means." The name also evokes a dark, underground quality with which both artists identify.
Not everyone gets the pun, and during its first couple of years in business, the shop received countless calls from people looking to buy kitchen supplies.
Before heading down to get inked, brush up on these tattoo shops and check out a portfolio or two. The artists are skilled in a wide range of styles in black and white and color, including portraits. If you’ve chosen an awkward place on your body for your tattoo, you can expect nothing but professionalism from this shop.
Th’Ink Tank Tattoo currently boasts one of the largest selections of artists in the area, listing the following artists on their site: Scottie DeVille, Jef Kopp, Fish, Adam Rosenthal, Sam Yamini, Jason Boatman, Brian Thurow, Andy Canino, and Alisha Rice. It had kind of double meaning to it." But if you ask about the name while at the shop, you might hear a different story, about a baby owl they rescued that was subsequently hit by a car on Colfax. It has kind of transformed the neighborhood." 2) Bound By Design Bound By Design is known not only for its tattoo artists, but also for quality piercers.
When you set up your consultation, the artists will guide you through the design and make sure it is placed to look its best. When doing research for your artist, we suggest not paying too much attention to price because quality is much more important when you’re going to be living with the artwork for the rest of your life.

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