Some people get bored easily especially if they are stuck in the same routine day after day, looking and feeling like just another member of the rat race. This style of animal tattoo has been in demand since ancient times as it was associated with great power, authority and masculinity and these traits still appeal to many today.
Any man sporting scorpion tattoos would typically be very strong and macho with a fit muscular body.
This is indeed a very powerful animal so are you ready to take on a tattoo that has been inspired by the scorpion? Tribal Tiger Tattoo artworks are common across Asia and mainly in countries like Burma, India, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan and China. You are not authorized to see this partPlease, insert a valid App IDotherwise your plugin won't work. If you are feeling like this, then why not consider getting a tattoo to add spice and a bit of color to your mundane lifestyle. However, these were originally given to men in a tribe as a mark to define their masculinity and strength because the scorpion has long been linked with a man’s sexuality.
Most people would probably avoid a fight with these men much as you would want to resist any contact with a scorpion’s tail which has a very painful sting.

It may be small in nature but this design still makes a very big statement that is not for the faint hearted. Tigers symbolize power, passion, sensuality, beauty and speed, ferocity, cruelty and wrath. A tattoo is a design that is set in a person’s skin and some animals too are branded in a similar fashion although for a different purpose. In modern times, this trend is also popular with women when choosing a tattoo either as a sole image or as part of a larger design. If you think you can handle the power of such a strong symbol then go for it but make sure it fully represents your beliefs and what you stand for. These designs can be very small simple images or large elaborately detailed affairs on any part of the body where there is ample space. Tattooists claim this is actually one of the harder designs to create due to the intensive detail involved in the scorpion’s complex shape so a steady hand is a must for any tattoo artist attempting this as is a talent for art and an understanding of this creature’s genetic make up. Whatever you decide, scorpion tattoos are no different from any other in the respect that they will be with you permanently.
It can also be clubbed with other tattoos such as skull, cross, dragon, shark and even flower too.

The procedure involves mixing a choice of ink colors through sharp pointed needles implemented by a skilled tattoo artist on a willing individual, in this case you! Women love this design too as they believe it ignites their inner sexuality and empowers them with self assurance and confidence.
Therefore, make sure the design is exactly what you are after before proceeding and not one you may later regret. The needle repeatedly penetrates the skin until it reaches the inner layer, known as the dermis. If you are looking for some extra ordinary Tribal Tiger Tattoos then here’s few of the best and outstanding ones.
If cared for, the design should remain intact but fading may result over time if the indelible ink used was of inferior quality. One of the most sought after designs in the past hundred years has to be for scorpion tattoos so let’s take a look at this in more detail.

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