The puzzle piece is very popular among teenage goth and emo girls for some reason, but never looks anywhere as good as that - mostly just a black outline. Similar Threads Thread Thread Starter Forum Replies Last Post Tattoo designs:How to find the perfect tattoo design? His signature style is a fusion of Polynesian tribal designs, geometrics, optical illusions, Asian art, and pointillism.

His father, tattooist "Harley Charlie" Duarte, introduced him to the art at a young age but he got his start in the business by working under Crazy Ace Daniels at Way Cool Tattoos. Please Like and Share with your friends if you love this amazing tattoo and feel free to leave a comment below. In this recently released video profile (below) by CreateMedia and Christoph Benfey, Cory talks about his style and what drives him in the tattoo process.

He has a great line where he explains how he prefers to focus on the visual rather than any deep meanings behind the tattoos: "I'm not here to tug at your heart strings.

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