A new CMS website design is the most important thing you can do for your company or organization.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) allows you to rank higher on Google™ searches and other highly used search engines.
Website maintenance and support from a company with over 15 years of experience in the website design industry ensures you fast and friendly website maintenance solutions that you can afford.
Designing a great logo is the first step in making sure your business is off to a great start.
This is a team of Programmers and Digital Artist that will build your business a website that will convert website traffic into repeate customers. Receive breaking news news to your email account about branding, marketing and custom development in mobile, desktop, television, Internet, radio, and print from Lexington's most talented Advertising Agency. Across human history, master painters and other artists have earned global recognition for their ability to manipulate colors.
We’ll explore the fundamentals of color theory and color scheme, then examine the emotional effects of certain colors. The topic of color could fill a whole book on its own, so we’ll stick to what’s relevant to UI design here. Contrast — Every shade of color has a set opposite — an “arch-nemesis” whose contrast is far greater than any other color. Complementation — Colors aren’t always at odds with each other: complementary colors accent each other and bring out their best, the opposite of contrast.
Vibrancy — Each color evokes specific moods: the brighter warm colors (red, orange, yellow) tend to energize a user and make them more alert, while darker cool shades (green, blue, purple) tend to be more relaxing and tranquil.
Color theory in web design is more than just a visual garnish, it can have game-changing effects on your business. There’s no denying the link between emotions and colors: in fact, the human race has been documenting the psychological impact of color since the Middle Ages.
We’ve analyzed the advice of the researchers at Vandelay Design and Smashing Magazine, and filtered it through our own experience at UXPin. The most stimulating color, red is so energizing it has been used to increase blood circulation.
Red is very appropriate for the No Way NSA website, whose purpose is calling alarm to a perceived threat from the NSA. However, this could work against you, as red can incite anger, or at least overstimulation. Aside from it being part of the brand style, orange works well with Fanta’s lighthearted and cartoonish site. In the above example from web design agency Flash Media, the darker shade of yellow exudes energy, curiosity, and authority. Green bridges the gap between warm and cool colors, though tends to be more of a cool color. Historically associated with royalty, purple retains the tone of luxury, even to the point of decadence. Purples suggests lavishness and wealth in general, making it a popular choice for fashion and luxury goods (and even chocolate, like the Cadbury example above). It can take on varying characteristics depending on its supporting colors, or dominate all of them if used in excess. For most websites, black is used to create an instant feeling of sophistication and timelessness. While in certain situations it can seem brooding or sad, gray is nonetheless a popular choice for looking traditional or professional. When paired with brighter colors and presented in a flat UI, the grey background of awwwards feels much more modern than it does somber.

There are Fashion Weeks twice a year where designers show what we are going to wear next season.
On 2014 some trends have started to rise and the next year they are expected to consolidate, while others have been increasing its presence on the Net these previous years. So if you are going to redesign your website or planning of develop one for the first time, we recommend you to read carefully about the following trends and choose any of them for your new design. It is one of the preferred by designers, this is why we can consider it as a timeless trend and even a norm on design in general. One of its advantages is the possibility to offer a clean design that will never be out of date. As mobile devices usage is growing the need for mobile-friendly websites has become essential. Related with Minimal design, Flat trend started on 2013 and since then is becoming more and more popular. We want your business to stand out and get noticed and, with a logo designed by professional designers who understand your goals and audience, it will. Our team has a extensive experience in the industry, and our Best Web Design Firms & Website Design Awards are now one of the fastest growing! In the modern era, the artform now opens up a lot of new commercial and business applications, first in advertising, and now in web design. These are the colors opposite each other on the color wheel, for example, purple’s complement is green.
CNN uses a red banner in their top navigation to heighten alertness, a color decision that suits the site’s breaking news content. If you don’t believe us, read conversion consultant Jeremy Smith’s article explaining how the psychology of color can expand your business.
Naturally, any web designer wants to harness this as well, since the right colors create the right moods and atmosphere for your site. Representing passion and power, red is the color that will attract the most attention, which is why it is commonly used for warnings and important notices.
Using red in the first section of the single-page site is especially clever because it calls attention to the primary message while physiologically inducing people to “get out of the danger zone” by scrolling downwards. If you’re going for a more relaxed atmosphere, use it sparingly (or at least in a lighter shade) or not at all. As a primary color it can be engaging and energizing, and as a secondary color it also retains these properties in an unobtrusive way.
This makes a lot of sense for a company who thrives on the value of their consultancy and skills. This means green has the same relaxing effects of blue, but still retains some of the energizing qualities of yellow. All blues are universally relaxing and safe, but the lighter shades will seem more friendly while the darker ones seem more somber. By using the blue in the flowers in the background, they visually hint at their expertise in floral design while also exuding trust and reliability. Lighter shades like lavender (with pink hues) are considered romantic, while darker shades seem more luxurious and mysterious. Its strength amidst neutrality makes it the color of choice for long blocks of text, but as a primary color can give the impression of edginess, sophistication, or even evil. The feeling of elegance is especially strong well when paired with white font and set against a minimalist layout, as you can see in the “Dream and Reach” microsite from Bose.
By drawing the least attention of all the colors, white is the best for accenting the other colors on the page.
The white background draws attention to his vibrant artwork, while creating an art-gallery aura of elegance.

However, one of the greatest advantages of gray lies in varying its hues — changing the shade can give you a customized mix of properties from white and black, a powerful tool in skillful hands. Using white and adding touches of flashing colours or some creative elements like images with movement, web designers can create amazing results.
What makes this trend so amazing is the fact that layout and content displayed changes depending on the device you are using to watch it. Its advantage is the possibility of enjoying all the page content without clicking on page links. It is characterized by using geometric forms, plane colors and flashy icons to catch users attention. Our small business website design comes complete with an intuitive CMS (Content Management System) that let's you take control. We can help select the media required to place your business in front of the right people at the right time. On instances where there was a tie, the site with the higher Alexa rank received a higher ranking.16.
With an almost bottomless depth, the skill of color usage can be improved and refined endlessly. For a more in-depth look of how different cultures perceive color, read this thorough piece from Web Designer Depot.
Darker shades (including gold) can give the impression of antiquity, and lend an air of timelessness, wisdom, and curiosity.
Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook take advantage of light and medium shades, while corporate websites prefer dark shades’ tones of strength and reliability.
It makes a lot of sense since they plan high visibility (and somewhat nerve-wracking) events like weddings. During the third and the last trimester of the year some of the most influent blogs analyze what has been happening on web design during the year and the new tendencies web trendsetters are putting in practice. However it’s important to test the web’s usability before publishing because sometimes necessary elements for an optimal navigation experience can be erased.
For example you can hide some elements in mobile version of your website like coporate information so you can help mobile users to find what they are looking for easier. This technique has been used also on some social media platforms like Pinterest since a lot of content is published in a short period of time and thanks to the proliferation of mobile devices with touching screen. Some people even think that Microsoft get the inspiration for its Windows 8 from this trend.
Web CremeNearing almost 4 years of operation, Web Creme is one of the more matured website showcases on the web. Also this kind of web design it is considered as unobtrusive so it helps to increase conversions. According to Youtube more than 1 billion unique users visit the platform every month and 40% of them are mobile users. CSS ManiaCSS Mania features hundreds of web designs a month organized into many categories for you to find exactly what you’re looking for. The Best DesignsThe Best Designs features only top-quality designs which are categorized into many helpful keywords for easier navigation and searching of sites.2. Pretty cool tool as you can submit multiple pages for the website and always come back to them in case a website has been redesigned. Inspiration by the designs literally!Mack Aug 06 2011Excellent list of galleries I was already using few of it.

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