Listen, we’ve all dreamed about how cool it would be to be a cyborg or at least part cyborg with super human strength.
Every cover up tattoo has a foundation, the shape where it all starts, the tattoo you no longer want to wear anymore.
Technology is actually bringing this dream close to reality with the advancements in prosthetic limbs.

Thus cover up tattoos are somehow restricted by the lines of the underlying tattoo but the rest is sheer genius.
But for those of us that can’t wait for the future or who are lucky enough to still have all of their original limbs intact there are biomechanical tattoos. Just take a look at this marvelous shoulder and arm cover up tattoo, the shape is so perfect it seems that the original dragon morphed into a metallic dragon where life pulsates as green energy.

Some of them look scary real and whats of the point of being part machine if nobody can see your inner workings?

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