Steampunk style has been the inspiration for countless works of art, all kinds of imaginative outfits, and the most curious of contraptions; steampunk tattoos are no exception.
A lot of steampunk style tattoos include some biomechanical aspect and this one does so in a removed panel kind of way. This tattoo is probably my favourite in this entire list, or of any that that I’ve ever seen, for that matter. I look at this one and I keep waiting for the gears to start turning and the wings to creak into motion. This tattoo isn’t overly “steampunk” but I really liked the whimsical feel given to this pocket watch. A little cracked and broken, this heart tattoo has been given a steam-powered repair job with some brass fittings, a rivet here and there, and a new set of clockwork inner workings. If you have a steampunk tattoo, drop the details below in the comments and feel free to include a link if you have a photo of it online. Please set the privacy setting for the pictures to public, so we and other visitors can enjoy your body art!
Does anyone know the tattoo artist for the 10th tattoo — the women with the rib cage cyborg tattoo?
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They can range from a single cog tattooed around a finger to an all out landscape of clockworks and steam-power across an entire back.

The artist used amazing shadows and highlights to give this piece a metallic look and in some places Content Here even a rusted appearance.
It has such a stunning Victorian elegance in the swirling around the tear duct and on the iris. The shading inside the heart makes me really feel like I’m looking “into” a cut-out on her back. The clockwork innards are wonderfully detailed and the perfect shading makes this one very life-like. The appearance of the stretched and ripped pieces of flesh gives this one a fantastic sense of deterioration and broken down automatons. It offers a suggestion of fantasy and, really, when coupled with the concept of time and some well placed clock parts, you can get a pretty steamy result.
Same concept as most biomechanical steampunk tattoos but this one has clunkier gears and more exaggerated tears than most I’ve seen.
This tattoo has such a dark, post apocalypse aura with it’s rusted appearance and twisted hour hour hands. There are so many amazing pieces out there, but here are 15 of the some of the most awesome steampunk tattoos. I don’t know, but if I think I saw this up against a fully functional brass and piston-fitted bionic arm, the tattoo would win. The screws seem to be placed in very clever spots to make the eye look incredibly natural yet perfectly mechanical.

These “under the skin gears and pistons” tattoos seem to be fairly popular but I just can’t get tired of looking at them. What really sold me on this was the fact that the only colour in the whole tattoo is that ominous red eye. I find that the incredibly well done biomechanical tattoos make a startlingly dramatic impression.
The artist makes amazing use of the colours and shading to give this piece a really antiquated look.
Personally though, it would probably give me a bit of a start every time I glanced down at my arm. I wish i knew someone that has a full crap back piece,that tattood and was willing to trade same for same??
I think some biomechanic steampunk art would be perfect to coverthis monstrosity of faded ink on my back.

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