If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Nature Tattoos, Head Tattoos, The Rocks Tattoos and Wave Tattoos. Flowers and oriental letters in black and grey form a very delicate and attractive looking tattoo. The black and grey version of the bright chrysanthemum creates a very simple yet classic tattoo. The skull embedded within an owl’s face has made this a horrifying theme for a black and grey tattoo but is very artistic. This tribal tattoo in pitch black and gray shading is a very striking and attention grabbing tattoo. The dog like creature and cloaked skeleton are designed very artistically in black and grey shading. This fish tattoo in black and grey looks very lovely and artistic despite its simple coloring. The ornamental collar and the aristocratic dog have been tattooed very beautifully making it looks almost real. The tattoo artist has displayed fantastic art in designing this realistic Bengal tiger in black and grey shades. The lion with its glorious mane has been tattooed to look very attractive in black and grey colors.
The artistically designed musical note makes this a very noteworthy tattoo that’s worth copying. This black and grey colored dragon retains is magical quality despite the simple tattoo colors used.
When you don’t know what to get as a tattoo this simple and mod looking black and grey tattoo is your best bet. This battle tank designed in simple black and grey colors looks classic because of its intricate design. This black and grey version of the Bengal Tiger’s face is a very artistic representation worth copying.

A hooded skeleton makes this a very attention grabbing tattoo in black and grey despite its horrifying theme.
The beauty of the butterfly shows in this intricately designed tattoo despite the simple black and grey colors.
Entwined strings and curves is a lovely design for this very artistic black and grey tattoo.
When you want something different this black and grey rose creeper tattooed from ankles to buttocks looks superb. The Sun God and angels depicted in this black and grey tattoo have been designed very artistically. The traditional geometric shapes along with a shaded flower have been created very artistically in black and grey tattoo.
When you want superb shading this angel’s wing tattoo in black and grey is just what you need. Despite using only black and grey the superlative shading makes this lotus tattoo worth copying. This traditional looking tattoo in black and grey looks amazing with its intricate lines and form. I know a lot of Tribes here in our place with a lot of tattoos with black and grey colors not the usual ones. AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites. Chest tattoos are at a very personal place as you don’t show it off to everyone unless you want to flaunt it.
Thank you for reading this list of awesome chest tattoos that you could get tattooed on yourself.
In terms of tatt placement, there are not as many people with chest tattoos as back pieces while chest tattoos can look really nice on both men and women if they are right executed by a competent artist. Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world.

This is a pretty massive list of some awesome chest tattoos that you could potentially get tattooed on yourself. Using thin lines, thick and bold lines, intricate filling, dark patches, classic shading, etc with just these two colors can produce amazing tattoos.
Its the matter of personal choice if you are going for Chest tattoo towards neck to show it off to everyone all the time or more towards the belly to make it more personal.
However, tattoos are meant to be a personal thing, so I would suggest getting a custom design completed for your piece. Remember it’s the same important to find a good tattooist to ensure flawless execution.
A lot of people are nervous when it comes to getting a chest tattoo, because of how close the tattoo is to the heart.
Just two colors have created such amazing effects that you wonder at the glimpse of such wonder art.
Getting a chest tattoo is a pretty bold piece and there’s a lot of room for intricate designs, which is a reason why so many people get these tattoos. That way, you will stand out and you can see that you truly have something that no one else in this world has.
Even the horrifying themes with skeletons and weird creatures have a strange beauty that is unmistakable.
There are some with soft themes of flowers and angels too that look very artistic and beautiful.
Whatever may be the theme, this collection is worth seeing and worth preserving in case you might want to copy in future if not right away.

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