Can is a new wave of tattoo designer, he was graduated in Bachelor degree from King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang at Bangkok. We live and operate in Cincinnati, Ohio, although we make regular trips to the Los Angeles area and even to the occasional tattoo convention. Here is a new photo of a tattoo the I completed in early summer, now fully healed and settled into the skin.
I thank you for your interest in this tattoo,however because it was a custom design done especially for the client, copies of it are not for sale. Posted in arm tattoo, black and grey tattoo, tattoo colorado springs, tattoo shop colorado springs, tattoo shop denver, traditional tattoo and tagged best tattoo artist in colorado springs, best tattoo shop in colorado springs, best tattoos in colorado springs, black and grey tattoo, colorado springs best tattoo shop, colorado springs best tattoos, colorado springs tattoo shop, colorado springs traditional tattoo shop, ishmael tattoo colorado, ishmael tattoo colorado springs, ishmael tattoos, professional tattoo artist, ron dolecek colorado springs, ron dolecek tattoos, tattoo, tattoo shop colorado springs, tattoo shop denver, traditional tattoo, traditional tattoo shop in colorado springs, traditional tattoos colorado springs, wolf tattoo. In this blog I have two aims: by sharing some of my work as both completed pieces and progression shots of projects, I hope to give the viewer a peek into the process of tattooing.

I share it with my husband, Kore- an extremely talented artist and tattooer that is a daily inspiration to me. Executed with a real attention to detail and I really respect the fact that your also an aspiring painter. I enjoy working in a Japanese inspired style, so I’m always very happy to take on those types of projects. Our professional tattoo artists are focused on giving each client the best tattoo possible. I have been dying looking for someone to give me a tattoo who is inside of Ohio but can master certain artistic principle of a Japanese sleeve. Each of our tattoo artists is an accomplished professional that is committed to the art and craft of tattooing.

We provide artistic tattooing in a wide range of styles (black and grey tattoo, portrait tattoo, traditional American tattoo, Japanese tattoo, full color tattoo, new school tattoo, lettering tattoo ect.). You can view our portfolio here online, but we encourage you to stop by and see the shop, meet the tattoo artists and then make an informed decision about where to get your next tattoo.

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