Tom Renshaw – a tattoo legend, making breathtaking realistic tattoos for over 20 years! I’ve deliberately waited to add Tom Renshaw to the project site out of pure respect for this man.
Copyright © 2016 Tattoo Art Project - Network of professional realistic tattoo artists. I love how bold black pencil turns out on coquille paper, which is getting harder to find nowadays.

Tom is today one of the true legends in the tattooing business, and has probably inspired other tattooers  more than any one else when it comes to black and grey photo realistic tattoos. When I look at his work I’m struck by a aver all feeling that he actually manages to capture some kind of real life in his motives. These designs are always available as tattoos, I do not produce flash to sell to other shops.
Of course are there’s a lot of other tattoo artists in the world that has that quality, but when you look at Toms reference work with several hundreds of tattoos.

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