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Sets are groups of tattoos you have saved in your favorites, you can create as many sets as you want to organize your tattoos. Sleeve tattoo black and white, sleeve tattoos, tattoos, tattoo designs, tattoo pictures, tribal.
Tattoos are a wonderful art form and no matter whether one likes to wear them or not, one cannot stop admiring the designs and styles. The two red symbols in Chinese standing for freedom and the jagged feather pen pertaining to art typify artistic freedom. A boy standing in a daring pose with a black and white full sleeve tattoo exclaiming a carefree attitude typifies the attitude of youth. This full sleeve black and white tattoo has a skull and girls’ face residing side by side at start that gives a mysterious look. The sexy girl wearing a heart with wings on her chest and flowers on sleeves and belly looks damn hot. Two sweet red cherries hanging just below the collar-bone of the lady arouse excitement and fantasy. The revolution lettering carved on the forearm of this intelligent boy points to the power of youth to bring about revolution. This lady wearing a large tattoo on her back that bears a white flying crane looks appealing. This body builder with bulging biceps and a tribal design tattoo bearing two Chinese characters in red looks formidable.
A large ship sailing in the sea with birds flying over it and a rose bunch below points to the welcome bouquet one receives on coming back to home.
Wearing a dragon ball tattoo and a sleeveless, red and black corset top, the lady oozes oomph and sensuality.

Birds motif carved on the arm flying around a transparent cross symbolises the flight of soul when it becomes one with god.
The image of four beatles following each other in a line, engraved on thigh, looks classic. The red-haired girl with piercings on her face and a red skull tattoo on chest looks charming.
This script tattoo bearing an intense passionate line symbolises the strong bond between lovers.
The girl wearing an orange octopus like tattoo on her arm looks into the camera with an amazing confidence. The man with adventurous sponge bob characters carved on his back is having a wonderful time on the sea beach.
A fat owl with large bulging eyes perched on the branch of a tree is keeping vigil on a dark night. This design resembles to that of a Samoan tattoo which every wearer likes to flaunt as the process of getting it carved is a painful one.
This tattoo design shows two skulls, one large and another small, carved with a flower on arm which looks amusing. The girl is a fan of the androgynous model and has carved her upper back with his black and white image. This blazing tattoo design created on the ribs has roots in the ancient Japanese mythology.
This girl with red hair wearing a full sleeve tattoo with images of stars, butterflies and cherries creates a cool image. The batman tattoo created on the arm points to the craze of the character among young boys. This enormous tattoo with large wings created on the back of a lady is quite mysterious and has a magical effect.

A half colored tattoo showing a spartan lady holding a pitcher in her hands points to the Aquarius sunsign. The young and flamboyant couple with full sleeve tattoos holding each other make for a pleasant sight.
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Many believe Black and White tattoos help them express their dual personalities, one of personal life and the other in the professional field.

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