And just when you thought tattoo artwork couldn't get anymore creative, you now have the option of getting black light tattoos which are virtually invisible to the naked eye, under ordinary lighting. Black light tattoos are quite the in-thing nowadays as they are sure to liven up any party. Thanks, these are fun because even I don't get to see what they look like until its all done. There is also visible ink that you can use to get inked that will show in visible light, and then glow very brightly under a blacklight.
Some people have had some allergic reactions to the skin, but this is also the case for normal ink tattoos.
Because of its glowing properties, many people think that blacklight inks are radio active in nature, in reality the inks are not made of any chemicals that can hurt you and are definitely not made with radioactive materials. There are several myths that this ink causes some types of skin cancer, which again is a total fallacy and no proof at all exists to back this claim. Just like any other new and interesting techniques there will be myths and facts that get tangled with the truth. If you decide to get a blacklight tattoo, know that the tattooing process will take a little longer than normal ink.
If you are into the rave scene, clubbing, or maybe love going lunar bowling under the blacklights at times, a UV tattoo just might be for you. The oldest known tattoo was found in Oct 1991, when the 5,000-year-old frozen body of a Bronze Age hunter was found between Austria and Italy.

How cool is that?Black light tattoos or "UV tattoos" are made with a special ink that can only be seen under a black light. The best part about this type of tattoo is that the tattoo will not be visible in ordinary light, but will be visible only in blacklight. The FDA has done considerable testing of it in order to find out just how safe it is and it has been proven to be as harmless as a regular tattoo. In order for the ink pigment to glow under a blacklight, many companies that make different products that “glow in the dark” have added a chemical called Ever Glow to their product. Tests performed by the FDA have proven that the blacklight reactive ink is harmless and contains no carcinogens whatsoever. My best advice is research the artist that you wish to do your UV reactive tattoo and make sure that they have done them before.
You can also mix and match black light ink with normal tattoo ink to create a super double your pleasure tattoo design.Have a look at this psychedelic picture gallery of black light UV tattoos.
Black light tattoos are especially popular with those who are eager to sport a somewhat controversial tattoo design in an openly visible area but do not want to be concerned about the probable social consequences it might carry. Blacklight ink has been reportedly used for the past ten years and there has never been an issue of complaint against this type of ink used in body art.
This same ink is also used for tracking animals in the wild, especially some types of fish, which we serve at our dinner tables, and is found to have no harmful side effects on humans. However, as soon as the lights are down, these tattoo designs will become more prominent and glow in the dark.

Many people, because of the newness of this technique, have been intrigued by the idea but are also waiting to hear what the long term outcome and testimonials from others is. Researches and studies conducted have proven that black light body art does not contain phosphors which burn the skin. However, the ink used in UV tattoos does NOT include any trace of this chemical in the ink. There should be no fear of the ink blowing and spreading out into the outer layers of skin around the tattoo, as the ink is contained with micro capsules and coated with a PMMA shell. The majority of people who have gotten black light tattoos are happy and have not had any adverse affects.
The ink used in blacklight tattoo’s contents include 97 percent Polymethylmethacrylate and two and a half percent fluorescent dye. The overall research done on black light reactive tattoos has proven that this type of tattoo is safe for use anywhere tattoos are done.
Some of the most popular ones include the word “Think” along with the image of a brain, the skeleton, the Dark Mark, Yoda from the Star Wars franchise, the Transformers, Zelda, Space Invaders, the Cheshire cat, Avatar characters and Apple pirate. You can also choose any design of your own choice to wear on your skin that has a personal significance for you.

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