Gilbert was born a native of the Dominican Republic and later found his way to the United States. While in college he received his first job Tattooing at Alternative Art Tattoo where he was for a year. Black Rose's very own Gil MAchado won first place portrait at the South Florida Tattoo Expo. Kyle Dunbar of Ink Master will be guest spotting at Black Rose Tattoo Shop from February 2 – 11.

Have no fear one of the best tattoo shops in the North Lauderdale, FL area is Black Rose Tattoo Shop which is only 15 minutes from their shop in Deerfield Beach. Friday May 29, Saturday May 30 and Sunday May 31 at the Palm Beach County Convention Center. Whatever you have in mind their tattoo artists can handle it from black and grey, portraits and cover ups. We'll have some sweet bumpers tickers and our new shirt design, as well as some of your favorite artists.

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