Reel Creations, Fred Blau Portfolio of movie make-up and film special effects and fake tattos for the entertainment industry. In the movie "THE GRINCH", world renowned, multi Academy Award winner Rick Baker designed the whole make-up look. One of our favorite make-up renderings is on the actor 'Jeep' who played "Bane" in the movie "BATMAN AND ROBIN" starring George Clooney, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Uma Thurman. Images shown represent work by makeup artist using REEL Creations products and does not imply endorsement by actor. Brian Finn works on a tattoo inspired by professional wrestler-turned-pin-up Taeler Hendrix for Josh DiMartino.
The tattoo of a professional-wrestler-turned-pin-up covered nearly all of the scars on Josh DiMartino's left wrist. Tattoo artist Brian Finn covers up scars on Josh DiMartino’s arm at Infinite Art in West Toledo. There wasn’t one thing that made him decide to start offering his time and talent to survivors of trauma. She has several tattoos, most noticeably the giant Marilyn Monroe face on her right arm (a bit distracting, that one).

Finn, 36, who works at Infinite Art in West Toledo, has done nine tattoos for survivors of self-inflicted harm, domestic violence, and human trafficking. Finn messages with pictures of their scars and long, sad, horrible stories of how they came to be.
Finn said anyone who is interested in talking about scar cover-ups can visit him at Infinite Art Tuesday through Saturday from noon to 4 p.m. Rick Stratton and Brian Penikas did the intricate make-up on "Bane" using REEL Body Air Brush Inks. DiMartino had carried with him for a decade, were gone, or at least hidden, after only about an hour under the steady hand and needle work of Toledo tattoo artist Brian Finn.
Finn, who normally charges $120 an hour for his work, offers his time on Mondays — one of his two days off — to do free cover-ups for victims of self-inflicted harm, domestic violence, and human trafficking. Finn said there's nothing different about tattooing over scar tissue, but the wound has to be completely healed before anything can be done. DiMartino explained his other tattoos, one on his right wrist covers up his wedding anniversary. DiMartino moved in with his mother in Florida where the scars were harder to hide as long sleeves in South Florida heat do not mix well.

If a comment violates these standards or our privacy statement or visitor's agreement, click the "X" in the upper right corner of the comment box to report abuse. He has been a motion picture and television make-up artist since 1964 and has had extensive training in the manufacturing and formulation of make-up currently used in the entertainment industry.
Even though the make-up took approximately 3 hours to render in the mourning, the 'after lunch' touch up's usually took about 20 minutes. Many products he has formulated are standards for the industry such as REEL Blood, REEL Body Art and Body Art Ink, REEL Cover-up, REEL Blue Aqua Sealer and many other products that are waterproof, long lasting and have the benefit of minimal up keep.Included in this movie presentation are a few of the effects using REEL Body Art and REEL Body Art Inks. Finn, who typically charges $120 an hour for tattoo work, does the trauma cover-ups for free.
He’d lived with his scars for so long, he could hang on a little longer, he reasoned.

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