Some tattoos have a very long and enduring history and they are still popular among men and women for their display and meaning.
If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Owl Tattoos, Aztec Tattoos, Back Tattoos and Bird Silhouette Tattoos. Charming anchor tattoo, sitting on the hand of the wearer, has a very cute and catchy display.
Elegant anchor tattoo sitting on the leg expresses the attachment of the wearer to her naval profession. The girl flaunts her small anchor tattoo that is a tribute to her grandfather who served in the navy.
The husband and wife express their love and commitment for each other with identical anchor tattoos.
The flower and anchor look very appealing together and they are a symbol that the wearer considers her boyfriend to be her foundation. Simple anchor tattoo surrounded by stars looks charming and symbolizes the glow of belief and faith.
The rose and the anchor, entwined together, are a symbol of love that has made the wearer strong.
The wearer expresses his rebellious and fearless attitude with an anchor tattoo that also carries two roses. Vibrant and colorful anchor tattoo looks very appealing and represents the steady nature of the wearer. The anchor piercing through a heart symbolizes the fact that the wearer has entered into a love relationship.
The rope curled around the anchor is a symbol of security and safety, the wearer feels due to the presence of her beloved.

The cute small anchor tattoo sitting on the index finger of the girl is a symbol of love for her sailor lover.
This bold and dark anchor tattoo is a tribute to the wearer’s deceased sailor father.
The anchor and the fish, sitting on the back, are a symbol of the wearer’s love for sea journeys. Small and adorable anchor tattoo looks very sweet and symbolizes the faith of the wearer in god. The girl got this anchor tattoo to express her faith in god and also to keep herself grounded and secure.
Though simple in appearance the anchor has a fine grace that is symbolic of truth and strength.
Bold and badass anchor tattoo adorning the arm of the guy symbolizes the strength of belief. The small flying bird, waves and the anchor paint a cute sea life portrait on the leg of the guy. The waves splashing against the anchor symbolize a stable and strong spirit that always provides courage to the wearer. The contrast of black and red looks appealing and renders a glamorous touch to the anchor tattoo. The girlfriend and the boyfriend are like anchors to each other and got the tattoos to express their mutual lovely feelings.
These two best friends got identical anchor tattoos to convey their love and respect for each other. The girl got this pretty anchor tattoo in honor of her lover who has become a strong foundation for her life.

This little dark anchors is a symbol that the wearer is a dutiful person and has a firm grip over his morals and ethics. This tattoo is a symbol that faith and hope are the key to the foundation of a fulfilling life. Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics. The anchor tattoos belong to this very genre and can be easily seen on the body parts of all kinds of people. He believes that it will protect him and bring his soul to his native land in case he dies during a voyage. In olden times, the anchor tattoos were worn by the sailors and it was considered to be a symbol of experience.
The changing times have not brought any difference and professionals serving in the navy still get themselves an anchor tattoo. People also express their tribute and love for a dear one who is serving in the navy with such tattoos.
If you are also intrigued by the symbolism and appearance of the anchor and want to know more about the tattoo form then do have a look at this post.

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