An incredibly brave breast cancer survivor has decided to share images of her post-mastectomy body with the world.
Ottawa-based Kelly Davidson, 34, has battled cancer three times and underwent a double mastectomy at age 28. Davidson posted her self-portrait to a Facebook page called Why We Ink, and was amazed at how many people liked and commented on the image. In February 2013, Jill Brzezinski-Conley's video celebration of her life and body while coming to terms with stage 4 breast cancer went viral on the Huffington Post, receiving over 19,500 Facebook likes and 5,000 shares.
Complex reconstructive surgeries are performed at Addenbrookes Hospital because of exclusive availability of expert specialised nurses in Theatres and on the Ward. Saturday or Sunday based on availability of theatre space (and where appropriate the breast surgeon). Operation codes, operation descriptions and a€?shortfalla€? letters will be sent out to you promptly by Sue Ramsey as soon as your operation date is confirmed by Theatres or earlier if you wish to receive it sooner.
The nursing expertise required to make complex reconstructive operations successful currently only exists at Addenbrookes Hospital.

Depending on your recovery, Professor Malata can then follow you up in the private hospital.
If you have any doubt at any time regarding clinical issues please contact the private secretary (01223 573715) to arrange an appointment to see Professor Malata in clinic.
After mastectomies due to breast cancer, some women opt not to undergo reconstruction surgery. A motorcycle accident in 1997 left Alan Macias with a non-functional arm which he eventually had amputated.
Rather than undergo reconstructive surgery, Davidson opted to tattoo her chest with a fantasy scene.
In 2011, photographer David Jay launched the SCAR Project, which showcases large-scale portraits of breast cancer survivors. One month later, Angelo Merendino shared a heartbreaking photo essay of his wife Jen's breast cancer battle, which claimed her life a year and a half ago. Additionally, special instruments and the plastic surgery operating microscope are currently only available there.

Once a date for your surgery is allocated by the Addenbrookes Theatre Manager, my NHS secretary, Sue Ramsey, will contact you with this information.
It is important to check these details with your insurers as soon as possible in order to determine your level of coverage for the surgical & anaesthetic fees and to allow adequate time for providing any clarifications or supportive letters sought by them. Sometimes the anaesthetist may take this opportunity to assess your fitness for the operation if you have other pre-existing medical problems or are older than 65. Free Flap Surgery patients are a clinical priority for the first 3 - 5 days post-operatively but no guarantee of a private room can be given for the entire 7-10 days that you may be in hospital as it could happen that a seriously ill patient may need a side room more than you do. At this visit you will have your medical history assessed and undergo various tests needed before your surgery such as blood tests, x-rays, specialist scans, ECGs. In practice, transfer of a free flap patient to a 4-bedded bay rarely happens but it is important to be aware that this possibility exists.

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