Carrie Pataky enters an exam room at a plastic surgeon’s office in Scarsdale and introduces herself to Constance Rogers , who wears a thin, blue paper gown that covers her chest.
That is Pataky’s job as a tattoo artist, one with a unique talent for making survivors like Rogers feel beautiful again. For these women, Pataky is the last step in a long, harrowing journey through treatment and recovery.
Even with full nipple reconstruction, a post-mastectomy patient’s breasts lack the skin pigmentation that makes them look completely natural.
Pataky says other tattoo artists have told her that they entered the field because they wanted to create art‚ not areolas. After doctors discovered a large tumor in her right breast in spring 2010, Rogers decided to have a single mastectomy; after that, plastic surgeon Dr. The operation had complications, and Rogers also had to go through chemotherapy and radiation, which caused her shoulder-length hair to fall out and left the skin under her arm raw.
At first, Rogers says, she was focused on simply beating cancer, not additional procedures. Placing several bottles of ink on a counter, Pataky slowly drips different shades into a tiny plastic pot. Pataky never planned on this sideline when she started as an apprentice tattoo artist in Mount Vernon in 1991, or when she opened a tattoo shop in Yonkers in 1998. She also continued that education while training to become a licensed esthetician and laser technician. At the spa, Pataky has a room designated for cosmetic and medical tattooing, but she almost always meets breast cancer survivors at their surgeon’s office. Every minute or so, Pataky cleans away droplets of blood with a baby wipe and surveys her progress. Unlike a decorative tattoo, she says, the goal isn’t to work overall color deep into the skin.
For the next week, Rogers needs to wear a loose-fitting T-shirt and coat the tattoo four times a day with Vaseline. Before, she later confides, she would ignore the sadness she sometimes felt when she looked at herself. Basma Hammed is a medical cosmetic tattooist in Toronto who first came to the profession by personal necessity when she couldn't find help elsewhere. Young Gabe decided to get his first tattoo by giving his hippo birth mark a nice pond to drink from and some trees for shade.
One kickass woman, Sheri, shared her "bra" tattoo, by Shane Wallin of Twilight Tattoo in Minneapolis, MN.
The parents of a girl with a large red birthmark on her leg went to extraordinary lengths to show their daughter that it was nothing to feel embarrassed by and they got tattoos to match.Honey-Rae Phillips, who is 18 months old, was born with a large red birthmark that stretches from her toes to her lower back.

Anthony had a third degree burn scar covered by amazing tattoo artists, Jon Clue and Guy Aitchison. When Ontario-based tattoo design collective Custom Tattoo Design posted a photo on their Facebook wall of a tattoo that covered the bare chest of a breast-cancer survivor, Facebook removed it. To protest the repeated removals, the tattoo group asked that people share the photo — and share they did.
More than 40 of the world's leading experts on body image issues today call for a ban on touching up photos in advertising for the under 16s.
In a hard-hitting report they warn that such unnaturally skinny models can make girls as young as five become self-conscious about their weight. In a letter to the Advertising Standards Authority, the academics from Britain, America and Australia say that the 'clear majority of adolescent girls' have problems with 'depression, stress, guilt, shame, insecurity and body dissatisfaction'. The ASA has received more than 1,000 complaints about airbrushed adverts in the past three months following a campaign by the Liberal Democrats. But the watchdog has previously refused to act because those who have complained have not provided scientific evidence for their claims. In response, four academics have written a report detailing the damning conclusions of more than 100 academic studies worldwide. Tackling the widely held view in advertising circles that 'thin and sexy sells', the authors cite research showing that average-size models - UK size 14 - are just as effective in advertising products as ultra-thin models, as long as they are equally attractive. Liberal Democrat MP Jo Swinson said: 'This paper spells out the real damage irresponsible airbrushing is doing to young women's physical and mental health. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
After a breast cancer and a mastectomy, reclaiming and accepting your body is a very difficult path, both physically and mentally. Women have come from as far away as England to see the 44-year-old Yonkers native, who has built a solid niche tattooing nipples and areolas on women after breast cancer surgery.
Though the ink looks burgundy in the pot, it blends perfectly with Rogers’ coffee-colored skin.
Again, Pataky uses an ink-dipped toothpick to trace a circle on the other breast, outlining the missing areola’s border much like a painter sketches in pencil before turning to more permanent oils.
And she wanted to improve, so she completed advanced certification courses in medical tattooing, along with heavy training in color theory to better mix customized ink colors.
That way, the cost is more likely to be covered by insurance as part of the patient’s reconstruction.
Goldberg says that he doesn’t know of any other area tattoo artist with this specialty. Pinching tissue between her thumb and index finger, she works the needle briskly from side to side, almost as if she were airbrushing on the ink.

The uneven color of her breasts were yet another memento of the cancer that invaded her body. When she first started tattooing breast cancer survivors, she’d go home in tears after every session. Blogger at Rica's Livestrong Adventures And, now, as if I didn't have enough to do, breast cancer fighter.
That way, when the kid grows up, she will think of the mark as a bond to her parent, not a defect. It all started when Basma was a two-year-old girl in Iraq and a pan of hot oil accidentally fell on the left side of her face, requiring multiple plastic surgeries – a total of 100 procedures – but none with success in covering the large red scar tissue or with creating the look of a natural eyebrow. Two weeks after getting her tattoo finished, she found out her cancer returned after years of being cancer free and it is unfortunately terminal. Here is Neutral Milk Hotel's cover art forIn the Aeroplane Over the Sea turned into a tattoo.
It took one Sunday a month over two and a half years to complete,” she writes on her personal blog. In a letter to the ASA, the researchers say: 'Exposure to the media ideal is linked with greater body dissatisfaction and more unhealthy eating beliefs and behaviours in women. The website Personal Ink is dedicated to link breast cancer survivors with tattoo artists, to help them accept their bodies, accompanying reconstructive surgery with beautiful tattoos. He pushed her to make an appointment with Pataky, to whom he’s referred patients for the last five years.
Unilateral mastectomies are tricky, says Pataky, because she needs to carefully match the ink on the reconstructed breast to the natural pigment on the other. There are now more than 2.6 million breast cancer survivors in the United States, with the American Cancer Society estimating that more than 226,000 new cases of invasive breast cancer will be diagnosed in women this year.
However we feel this woman is both brave and strong so were going to post it anyways and ask for your awareness and support; Please like and share this photo quickly to show your support for this and many other women who have lost so much. So here are the creations of David Allen, Samantha Rae, Stacie-Rae Weir and other tattoo artists who have joined the Personal Ink collective. It was then she also realized she could tattoo her face matching the skin color of the healthy tissue. So, she went to aesthetician school and soon began working on herself, with much success (as you can see above). Today, she runs the Basma Hameed Clinic, where she helps everyone from burn victims to breast cancer patients and others wishing to cover surgical scars (among other procedures).

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