If other websites or designers copy our images and designs our solicitors will be consulted. Also available in green, lilac, cerise pink, lilac, red, and sapphire blue diamantés. When selecting your wedding flowers, one of the first things you may do is pick the shape and style of your bridal bouquet. The round bouquet comes in various sizes, from tiny, delicate versions to bold, beautiful choices. Also called the shower bouquet, these large, formal bouquets consist of a round of flowers that trails into a long v-shape in the front. The clutch bouquet is basically a loose, hand-tied bouquet where the stems are left longer. Also known as the arm bouquet, arm sheaf or pageant bouquet, the presentation bouquet is made of long-stemmed flowers that are craded in the crook of the bride's arm.

The crescent bouquet is an arched bouquet of flowers and greenery that trails down on both sides.
Other types of bouquets include the composite bouquet (where petals are glued together to form a large bloom), the cone bouquet (where the cone is made up of flowers or other material) and the single stem.Story by Kori EllisMore?
Ivory, lilac, and mocha roses with diamanté centres and roses veiled in tulle netting. Call 608-784-6966 to setup your personal appointment (for inquiries please use the number on the picture as a reference). Traditionally, the nosegay was held in a tussy mussy -- a small cone shaped holder that is metal or glass.
Some cascade bouquets are just long enough to cover the bride's hands, while others trail all the way to the floor. It's unique because it's made up of several types of flowers arranged in a circular pattern.

These large, dramatic bouquets can be symmetrical with both the left and right sides even, or asymmetrical for a more contemporary look. The tussy mussy holders can be placed on the table at your reception to display the bridal and bridemaid bouquets during the wedding festivities. Inspired by the Victorian Era, these vintage looking bouquets became popular again in the 1980s but faded again for the most part. Or surf the websites of hundreds of floral specialists, organised by region, in our directory.
The more structured wired posy has the stems of the flowers removed and replaced with florist wire.

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