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We must first try to convince other if you think that this event will break other’s heart. It doesn’t matter who hurt you, or broke you down, what matters is who made you smile again. Just the thought of You puts excitement back into my life and my heart tells me You are the one. So if someone broke your heart let yourself get over it with these broken heart quotes I have collected for you.
My worlds is a little brighter, and my heart is a little lighter and my soul is at peace with You, my love.

You need to get over it as soon as possible because the sooner you get rid of the pain you will come towards normal life and you will be able to see the beauty and fun around you. But at the end of the day, I had to learn to be my own best friend, because there’s going to be days when there will be no one there for me but myself. You touched the chords of my soul to the core where no one has ever been .You came into my life and loved me so deeply and passionately that I forgot the world around me.
You need be lively and fun loving rather to waste your precious life crying after some idiot crap. Means some people broke other hearts by knowing it that they are hearting other and other is hurting and do not know it. Also check Sad I Miss You Quotes.Keep in touch for more stunning quotes, Thanks for visiting us.

A lifetime repent would hurt you even more, so don’t give a shit to the person who did this to you and let him regret over his act by living peacefully and happily without him. I have a collection of broken heart quotes which may be depicting your state and may be sharing of these quotes with your friends make you relieved of the pain.

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