The pointellized shading on this tattoo of Buddha and a lotus flower give it a surreal look. The intricate details of this tattoo create a harmonious flow that is interesting to look at. This stone Buddha tattoo design blends the serene look with warm colors and shapes that are more chaotic.
As you can see, there are many styles and interesting ideas that blend well with Buddha tattoo designs. This ancient symbol, most commonly known as the Hamsa (Chamsa) or Hamesh hand, is used as a protective amulet by both Jews and Muslims. The hand symbol is called the Hand of Fatima by Muslims, named for the daughter of Mohamed, and is sometimes said to symbolize the five pillars or tenets of Islam.

Hi Hector, I think my Mum would be able to help with the symbols, she is Arabic, and I’m sure she would know!.
Since the eyes are painted in all 4 directions, the symbolic meaning is that you’re able to see everything with no obstacles, you’re able to see clearly and the matter is first in your mind. The Muslims who use this hand for protection or a symbol for protection have actually fallen into a form of polytheism. From the lotus flower, Buddha’s eyes and even the swastika, there is no design that symbolizes Buddhism more than the other, nor is there a placement on your body that is better for the tattoo than anywhere you decide. There is also a sense of enlightenment and consciousness of everything, including the physical body.
You can also add colors if you’d like or even a whole back piece that’ll mesh well together.

The lotus flower is a beautiful meaning for the human condition, since lotus seeds grow in dirt and can blossom into being so beautiful it shows that no matter what you go through, you’re still beautiful. There are so many different meanings for each of these designs, you can even find your own link and add it into your design.
Don’t lose the fact that this specific design is nothing short of respect and appreciation. You can add colors, flowers, other designs or patterns to your Buddha design, make it your own and show your respect in your own way!

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