A firm bristle brush or rubber brush should be used on this breed occasionally to remove any dead or loose hair.
The Bullmastiff is sensitive to the tone of your voice, but should be handled firmly if this breed is to succeed in training.
A lazy breed, to avoid weight problems this breed should be sufficiently exercised regularly. Keep up the great piece of work, I read few posts on this web site and I conceive that your weblog is rattling interesting and has got bands of good information. The Material contained herein may not be reproduced without the prior written approval of the author.
The dog is above average in intelligence, therefore, easy to receive instruction and master its remembrance abilities. The dog is very committed to their owner and accepts any instruction from their master who has trained it well. Bullmastiffs require food rich in protein and high in calories which come from either lean meat or fish. Bullmastiffs are docile dogs, it’s very rare to hear him bark, and they are more of action dogs.
This dog is seen to be quite courageous when it comes to standing up for itself and its master as well. Although they may be strong and all, they require frequent visits to the veterinary due to their many hereditary diseases. Bullmastiffs do not require a lot of grooming, in fact, it’s grooming should be minimal since it sheds little fur and is not that furry anyway. The Bullmastiff is a strong and powerfully built animal that possesses great intelligence and a willingness to please, making them ideal family companions and protectors. The Bullmastiff’s known history in England begins around 1860, when they were developed to keep large estates and game preserves free of poachers. The Bullmastiff is fearless and confident, yet remains docile and sweet-natured with his family. General Appearance That of a symmetrical animal, showing great strength, endurance, and alertness; powerfully built but active. Used many times as an alert or guard dog, this breed should also be introduced to other animals at an early stage to avoid any altercations that may arise.

The Bullmastiff is fairly good-natured, sweet, and loveable, however this dog is not recommended for the average owner.
Very little shedding, the Bullmastiff does not require much maintenance when it comes to grooming. With a distinct black mask around muzzle, the coat on this breed should be dense and somewhat coarse to the touch. The Bullmastiff does enjoy long walks or jogs, and would do well with an average sized yard. During those years, land keepers faced many attacks by thieves and poachers as they stole livestock from their land. They are not the friendly-type even to fellow dogs but have an unusual liking for children. They do not engage in many activities but can react during certain situations especially regarding security matters.
The Bullmastiffs are prone to hereditary diseases such as Hip dysplasia, Elbow dysplasia, Lymphona.
But still, you can take some time to clean by brushing; this must be done from the time that it’s still a puppy. Although large, the breed remains both agile and active and is successful in conformation, obedience, agility, tracking, carting and therapy work.
Gameskeepers needed a dog that could track quietly, cover short distances quickly and pin and hold poachers without mauling them. They are natural guardians of the home, but do not bark much, as silence was a virtue when guarding estates.
When viewed from the side, reach and drive indicate maximum use of the dog’s moderate angulation. The dog combines the reliability, intelligence, and willingness to please required in a dependable family companion and protector. His sheer size means he should not be placed in a home with small children as unintentionally, this breed can easily knock a child down. The game keepers decided to make dogs which would provide security for them and thus the bullmastiff was born [or bred]. Bullmastiffs are not really concerned about being left alone since it is mellow, maybe in the case of puppies whereby it’s necessary to show it a bit of more concern by bringing them food every now and then.

However, it’s still not a baby- sitter, therefore, should not be left with the children unattended to. Therefore, they are the serious type to dogs and are subject to what their master requires of them.
Early exposure makes them be used to human beings which they should be since they will spend the whole of their life working for these being and will be its best friends. Just to avoid this, it is better to keep them within your compound or accompanied when going outside.
Males are usually 25-27 inches [64-69 cm] tall while the females are 24-26 inches [61-66 cm].
The foundation breeding was 60% Mastiff and 40% Bulldog; breeders were hoping to create a dog faster and more aggressive than the Mastiff, yet bigger than and not as ferocious as the Bulldog.
Bullmastiffs are independent thinkers and may not respond to traditional obedience training. Lack of foreface with nostrils set on top of muzzle is a reversion to the Bulldog and is very undesirable.
The Bullmastiffs were made to be huge, fearless dogs that would follow their master’s command to the latter and provide protection from the enemy.
Bullmastiffs are also affected by adverse weather conditions like scorching heat of the summer and freezing cold winter and appropriate action. In weight, males weigh 110-130 pounds [50-59 kg] and their female counterparts a weigh 100-120 pounds [45-54 kg].
However this disease has come to question by medical expert terming and proving that they are Autosomal Recessive PRA genes. The breed does not require much exercise or grooming, and can live happily in a house or apartment. Sometimes, they can have a mixture of these colors such as a Bullmastiff that are fawn and have stripped brindles. But still, there are various agencies and veterinary clinics that have sought to find and have obtained appropriate antibiotics that can treat diseases causing viruses that affect the Bullmastiff.

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