The petition caused quite a flutter in the Monarch butterfly community over the past few months. If the Monarch butterfly is declared threatened under the Endangered Species Act, will it be illegal to take this boy home and get him to the next stage? Commercial butterfly breeders, who supply the exhibition, natural history, education, and special event businesses with butterfly stock, strongly objected to the petition, suggesting it could jeopardize their businesses. The USFWS will continue to review information, including public comments submitted in the next 60 days. 3) USFWS decides that listing is warranted but precluded by higher priorities, and the Monarch then would be added to a waitlist of candidate species.

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Chip Taylor, founder of Monarch Watch, the citizen scientist program that tags thousands of Monarch butterflies each year. She added that habitat conservation is necessary to support and promote the survival of the Monarch and the IBBA will continue to support these efforts.
There is clear evidence that the butterfly itself is not threatened, only the migration phenomenon. Stakeholders and organizations have two months to express concerns and get them on the public record.

Just click on the picture above and Insert docket #FWS-R3-ES-2014-0056 into the search box. If the current population is as large as I think it is and there is no catastrophic mortality in Mexico this winter, support for the petition could fade.

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