I think it’s safe to say that most quilters, regardless of preferred quilting style, have at least a little soft spot for vintage quilts. This Butterfly quilt is owned by Janet Lyles, and while we unfortunately don’t know who made it, the maker did embroider the date, May 7, 1943, on a corner. Be sure to click here and enjoy our FREE Video Lesson: Making and Using Traditional Piecing Templates. This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged Friday Free Quilt Patterns, Friday Freebie. Email UpdatesSign up to receive quilting news, discounts and special offers via email from McCall's Quilting and Quick Quilts. Use these patterns to create a beautiful quilt, accent pillow or a wall hanging that can be as dramatic or demure as you wish. This quilt pattern of a beautiful butterfly is designed to look as if the butterfly is flying. More Details: 1-2-3 Quilt – Better Homes and Gardens by Leisure Arts Want to make a quilt but puzzled about where to begin?
Free Quilt Patterns listing with over 1000 sites and many thousands of free quilt patterns.
Have fun stitching this free cat quilt pattern from About Quilting, a wallhanging with three appliqued cats looking at a flower garden just outside the windows.
In a couple of posts here and here, I have talked about this pattern and shown a couple of blocks.

This is a wonderful pattern for hand stitching (I pieced with a running stitch, without papers), but it is probably not a good choice for a beginning quilter. This eHow website also has pretty straight forward instructions on How to Make Butterflies From Hankies for a Quilt. Also if you don’t want to fold your hankies, just use the full handkerchief to make the blocks for your quilt.
At the beginning of this year we did a post on a butterfly quilting design you can print out. In the comments for this quilt pattern, one person said they made it for a raffle and it pulled in more than $500. Again, if you’re thinking of making one of these great quilts, be sure to check out the vintage hankies VTNS members have listed right now. This entry was posted in Quilting, VTNS Fan Freebie Friday and tagged butterfly, handkerchief, hankie, hanky, origami, pattern, quilt, vintage. Today, I’d like to share our sweet vintage pattern for Butterfly, first published in the 1936 Kansas City Star. She will be listing several gorgeous vintage handkerchiefs so be on the look out for them as they’re profiled on our Facebook Fan Page. At The Quilt Index there are several examples of vintage hankie quilts that have been cataloged for museums and universities. Many such butterfly quilts consist of appliqued butterfly blocks, but this one is unique in that the blocks are pieced.

As you look at this quilt, how might you make it up differently to suit your style and tastes? Little girls love butterflies sewn to a skirt or top, and these make up quickly for a fast and easy birthday gift. You will notice that my butterfly is different, having 4 D pieces in each wing, as opposed to 3 in the original pattern. Some seemed a little more complicated than the information on the sites I’ve listed below. To enlarge the photos on this site, click on the picture and then click on it again to go back to the index and be sure to go to the 2nd page at the top where you’ll find a Friendship Hankie Quilt from 1885. This illustration shows you several different ways you can embroider a butterfly once it’s been appliqued onto a quilt.
It was necessary for me to re-draft the pattern in order to accommodate the vintage quilt swatches I wanted to use in this quilt. By folding the hankies in a different way, the butterfly either looks like it has just landed on a flower or is in flight.

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