Danny Anchor is an Orange County, CA based tattoo artist that makes his talents available at the Illuminati Tattoo Lounge.
Please click the pictures below for larger images and be sure and share your favorite artist’s work! The results are in, and Illuminati Tattoo Lounge has been voted one of the best places to get tattooed in Orange County, CA.
Rafa prides himself on having created an environment where both artists and clients can thrive, offering an open floor-plan with colorful walls and plenty of artwork on display.

Rafa has succeeded in not only opening Orange County’s newest tattoo studio, but rather a tattoo art collective where tattoo collectors and artists alike, can come together to push the envelope in the world of body art.
The shop interior is done in cool blue tones, with wood flooring and a comfortable sitting area. Multiple television monitors fill the lounge, playing anything from NFL action to classic movies.
On a regular basis, the lounge closes it’s doors early and hosts local art fusion nights, where local tattooers, artists and designers can get together and collaborate on new ideas and pieces.

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