There are literally thousands of foot tattoo ideas available for you online as well as offline.
So, if you ask us why this design is so popular then there are so many causes behind it such as its meaning and colorful wings.
So, girls are you persistent by your choice of getting inked butterfly tattoo on your foot?
You may know that Britney Spears has a butterfly tattoo on her foot it really looks good on her, and there are so many celebrities who are having butterflies on their body in different shades. So, we can say if you are going to have first time tattoo then you can go with butterfly foot tattoo.
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Nice collection of butterflies tattoos, I like both the colored ones as well as the black and white ones. My daughter was just brutally murdered and i want a butterfly tattoo in her memory because we had talked about getting matching butterfly tattoos.
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The shoulder is a perfect spot to get a tattoo as one can flaunt a shoulder tattoo with style or conceal it completely as required. Some masculine legends such as the Roman Emperor Augustus used to get butterfly as a personal mark.

We are saying again foot butterfly tattoo really can express your femininity and cuteness in a nice way. This post shows you 20 sweet designs for butterfly tattoos to give you an idea of tattoo designs. Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world.
The warrior priests of the populaces of Mexico used to get ink of butterfly as a motif on their breastplates. This fragile looking insect is a true eye grabber and attracts the viewers towards its beautiful wings and fluttering fly. If you’re thinking about getting a butterfly tattoo, you should talk with your tattoo artist and they may be able to come up with a custom design that will look good on your body. If you found a butterfly tattoo design above that you truly like, you should print it out and take it to your tattoo artist. These stylish chick tattoos are very popular among young women as they symbolize freedom and define the personality of the wearer. The butterfly is a symbol of celebration, young love, everlasting life, dreams, change, soul, transformation and resurrection. Otherwise, you may find a tattoo design below that you would like to have tattooed on your body. They will be able to give you that design or maybe even customize it, so the tattoo will be completely unique to you.

There are numerous beautiful ideas available on the internet for shoulder butterfly tattoos. It’s a beautiful tattoo design and that is why there are so many people out there that love to get butterfly tattoos.
Either way, if you’re thinking about getting a butterfly tattoo, we are going to try and help you get the best design possible. But, it is not an easy job to decide which one will go best with your style and personality.
That way, your tattoo will look beautiful and it will be something that you will absolutely never regret. The following collection can help you find the perfect butterfly tattoo design for your shoulder. If this happens, you will have to have it removed, which can be very painful and very expensive.

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