We think If you want to amaze other guys and girls who would see your tattoo, you should go with angels wings tattoos. There is no denying that angels have a great significance to every one of us for some different reasons. It's said that Elayne Angel is the very first person to get a pair of these angel wings inked on her whole back. So, we can say these designs are some of the best choices for both guys and girls due to a number of reasons. Wings, be it angel wings, fairy wings or butterfly wings, are one of the most sought after tattoo designs all over the world.

You are not authorized to see this partPlease, insert a valid App IDotherwise your plugin won't work. As you already know that wings are very important part of fairy, angel and other birds tattoos. As you may know more and more people are preferring to go with the trend of having angel wings tattooed on their backs.
Some of the most popular designs gaining in popularity with both guys and girls are angel wing tattoos. There are various styles of butterfly wing tattoos, including simple wings and more elaborate and colorful ones.

Given below is a collection of some of the best butterfly wing tattoo ideas for you to choose from. All these unique tattoo designs are guaranteed to draw the attention and admiration of anyone who sees it.

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