So, inking butterfly tattoos not only shows your style and being stylish, it is also having many meanings. A butterfly is considered a soft creature, which is not hurting others and so many women tend to print the colorful butterflies all over the bodies ranging from hands, shoulders, necks, stomachs, on the back etc. By seeing the butterfly’s life, we can also deduce the following meanings: transformation, soul, dream, change, resurrection etc.

It is similar to drawing a high flying birds and expressing that she is not limited to any bounds. Butterflies are the combination of beauty and the feminine strength and some times, flirting girls used to tattoo these images onto their bodies to show their waywardness.
With the matching color combination and the choice of the body parts, the impression of the butterfly tattoos can be very attractive and eye catching one in the feminine bodies.

You can choose to point out butterfly eyes, wings, their outline borders, colors spectacularly.

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