Henna Hair Dye ( Body Art Quality, safe for everybody ) ..Tired of chemical reactions and damaging your hair? Colora Henna Semi-Permanent Hair Colour Creme - Out of the ancient past comes the secret of coloring your hair with organic colours, with no peroxid. Its Never too late to switch to organic & 100% natural body art quality henna hair dye. Dont worry no more, our premium quality henna is 100% pure and mix of plant extracts only with best price in the market, you can apply our henna on chemical treated hair without having to worry about any reactions.

It has been around more then we ever thought it has and has touched so many people around the world.
Most of the ppl use it in the warmer climates because of its cooling & relaxing effects on the body, releases depression… What happens if color gets on your skin?
Don’t worry, it will go away, DO NOT use any oil to rub it off or anything else as it will make the color more darker, Just leave it and will go away. Did you know that henna is mentioned throughout the Bible and known as an ancient lip stain?

It is specifically mentioned in the song of Solomon… our henna has been sifted to give you very smooth paste.

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