For everyone who likes to create their own skincare products, the biggest challenge is from where they can source the best and pure raw ingredients. Kaolin Clay is famous for its soothing properly and is a boon to oily skin, It controls oil production, calms and exfoliates skin.
Many people are replacing paraffin candles with soy candles because of the harmful effects of paraffin. In case you are aware of stores in your city which stores only natural products (like Rainbow Organics in Kolkata), then you should try checking those places. Green Junction retails Henna Powder for Rs 210 for 200 grams and Indigo Powder for Rs 230 for 200 grams.

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Along with that, there are few things that people who are fan of natural products wish to try which are not easily available. I wanted to try vertiver loofah because I was fascinated by the Kama Sisal and Vertiver Loofah.
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When I used VLCC Hair Color on my customer, all found them very good as compare to market's existing brands.

Plus, you should not use natural loofah for long as they can turn into a breading ground of germs. Heena powder is retailed by many companies in India but most of them have added ingredients and are not 100% pure.

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