Please register to participate in our discussions with 1.5 million other members - it's free and quick! I might try to explain; it is the same reason why people who are not Yu'pik do not get Yu'pik facial scarring. There are cultural connotations that come with traditional Polynesian tattooing, that are not present in the mimicry of other styles.
Polynesian tattoos, along with many were largely administered as a coming-of-age ritual; when you had proven that you were a man, had proven to be a strong woman, (it varies from place to place in the Pacific) it used to be common (before Christians came) to get something of your 'life story' tattooed on you. Thanks for the reply,you seem to know alot about tattoos, what do you think of this tattoo, is it a traditional style or just another tribal ? I've heard of cases, perhaps urban legends, where white kids requesting Asian tattoos have gotten words or phrases they didn't intend! I was at a party once and told this huge scary looking guy what his kanji tattoo translated to (can't remember exactly but I think it said cheap) and the guy flipped out at me.
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The style is often copied and bastardized (see: 'tribal' style) and it is totally acceptable (though, ugly as hell) to get 'tribal' style tattoos.

This could tell your family history, your lineage, of a great event that shaped your life, your family name- these tattoos are EXTREMELY meaningful. You are entitled to our returning customer discount for your next translation and design order!
Why your average white, middle-American family does not give their daughter a Bat Mitzvah, or Quinceanera. Getting little tattoos in kanji is nearly an AMERICAN cultural phenomenon, specifically because the style of Horimono, or traditional Japanese tattooing, is very different. It usually involves huge swaths of skin, primarily the back and trunk, is done tediously by hand with sharpened metal or bamboo instruments.

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