Sau khi xam m?i m?t hinh xam ngh? thu?t ma b?n yeu thich, b?n nen dung mi?ng bang y t? d? che hinh xam l?i d? ngan ch?n vi khu?n ngoai khong khi co th? tuong tac v?i nh?ng khe h? c?a hinh xam.
Sau khi thao bang y t? ra kh?i hinh xam, b?n nen r?a hinh xam b?ng nu?c ?m va xa phong di?t khu?n vai l?n trong ngay d? gi? cho hinh xam s?ch s?.
Sau khi r?a s?ch hinh xam, b?n nen thoa thu?c m? di?t vi khu?n len no trong vong 5 ngay d?u tien, ti?p d?n thoa “lotion” du?ng ?m khong co mui huong. Trong vai ngay d?u, ngay t?i lan da du?c xam hinh co th? xu?t hi?n cac hi?n tu?ng nhu ng?a, n?i v?y da.

Khi hinh xam lanh l?n va ?n d?nh, b?n c?n b?o v? no tranh kh?i cac tia UV gay h?i t? anh sang m?t tr?i.
Khong du?c cha m?nh vao hinh xam ma nh? nhang mat xa khi r?a, r?a l?i b?ng nu?c s?ch r?i lau l?i b?ng khan s?ch.
B?n khong nen gai ma nen d? no t? lanh l?n d? tranh gay tr?y xu?c hinh xam co th? d?n d?n viem nhi?m cho da. Of course, the ink and nipple shot have fans very excited.The new image was first posted on tattoo artist Lyam Sparkes' Flikr page, but has since been taken down.

However, Styles posted a dramatic doctored version of the same shot with the caption "Penstagram" over the weekend.InstagramStyles has yet to post any further comment on the ink, but sleuthy fans suggest the work was done sometime in late January.
MTV got a real scientist who studies butterflies and moths to give an official opinion on the debate."The tattoo is of a butterfly, species unknown (probably no species in particular, just fabricated)," Dr.

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