Martina Stoessel has a simple outline of a heart tattooed on her left ring finger, which is where a wedding ring is traditionally worn.
Acacia Brinley and her boyfriend Jairus Kersey got matching ring finger knuckle tattoos in August 2015.
Bethany Cosentino has a tattoo on her left ring finger of the Triple Goddess symbol, which is the three phases of the moon.

Rob Riggle: Moose Knuckle Photography ExpertIf you encounter an over-stuffed man-crotch while out and about, Rob knows just how you can secretly record it. Cara Delevingne has a black ink tattoo on the side of her left pinkie finger and a large heart in red ink on her pinkie knuckle. Caroline Hjelt of Icona Pop has many tattoos on her right hand: a band around her pinky finger, two triangles on her ring finger, and eye on her index finger, and a pair of crossed bones on the back of her wrist.

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