This morning, we learned Megan Fox got the French Grazia cover, with some of her back tattoos stripped away (so as not to interfere with cover type, commenters suggest). Note: A little while back Jennifer made a similar gallery, but there have been many advancements in bad celebrity tattoos since! It’s a snake weaving around an apple (yes, agree, an allusion to Adam and Eve) but the apple is also a stylized human heart. So maybe, assuming the snake was colored like the earth intentionally, the tattoo represents the world trying to lure you towards forbidden desires. I’m not sure if being married to Tori Spelling or having her tattooed on your body is worse. 3) Hayden’s tattoo is the precise reason you should never get words tattooed on your body unless you speak the language or bring a native-speaker of the language to the tattoo parlor with you.

These guys think they're tough enough for tatts and while in some cases we beg to differ we have to admit there is something pretty darn sexy about men with tattoos.
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We encourage users to report abusive images and help us moderate the content on We Heart It. Kelly Osbourne's tattoo is sadly ridiculous, she could have checked the proper way of saying "i love you mommy" in French. Last week, Vogue was criticized by straight-laced style bloggers for not erasing Charlize Theron‘s tiny ankle tattoo.
Plus, I think they screwed up on the lower right and colored in part of the snake’s tail red.

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