The Celtic cross, also referred to as the Irish cross, consists of a standard cross shape placed within the bounds of a circle. Apart from their superb artistic touches, Celtic cross tattoos convey rich legends and histories. The intricacies associated with the Celtic cross tattoos make it one of the most difficult tattoos to recreate.
Some of my favorite musicians have off the wall guitar solos that make me want to slip into a perfect rhythmic comma.
The first thing you need to do is draw a large tear drop like shape for the base of the guitar.
You will now start slowly sketching out the headstock along with the outlined shape of the silhouetted tuning keys. Finish sketching out the neck, and then start slowly and lightly sketch out the body of the tribal guitar. For your last drawing step all you have to do is draw the rest of the guitar's body shape in a swirl like pattern. Although Celtic designs date back to eras past, our enthusiasm over them only seems to intensify as time passes. Believed to be designed by Saint Patrick, the Celtic cross was used in the attempts to Christianize the pagan Irish populace. For Catholics, the circle around the cross tattoos signifies eternity—mirroring the infinite love their God has for them.
For one, the Celtic knot patterns that enhance the beauty of the cross add that extra oomph to the tattoo. This knot is characterized for its three corner, with the first signifying the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

With their incomparable pattern and deep-rooted history, Celtic cross tattoos have earned a spot in skin art royalty.
For my second submission, I am going to have some fun teaching you guys "how to draw a tribal guitar". Next draw a long vertical line that starts at the bottom of the tear drop, all the way to the top which is of course the neck, and the headstock. Proceed down until you form half of the guitar's neck which will end in a crescent shape or a "C". You can also choose to draw a pattern of your own creation if you like just to stay your creative mind working. Color it in to look like a silhouette, or leave it as an empty hollow design that you can take to your tattoo parlor. The most popular of these designs, the Celtic cross, only came about at the dawn of Christianity. The cross was a fusion of two beliefs—the cross as upheld by the Christians and the sun as worshiped by the Druids. These knots, also called mystic or endless knots, also bear meanings of celtic cross tattoos. What better way to express how you love music, by getting an a real clean looking tribal guitar design on your shoulder, leg, or arm. Add some swirls and designs like you see here, and then draw the small swirl in between the middle of the neck. However, the story and symbolism behind it can be traced back to pre-Christian realms.  Devotees of the Celtic Cross believe that it has the power to save them from harm. Overall, this interplay of simplicity and complexity gives the Celtic cross its immortal appeal.

Though some people attribute magical powers to these knots, these are often taken to symbolize eternity.
But believer or not, you can get the best out of Celtic cross tattoos both for its aesthetic appeal and rich meaning.
Due to the universal meaning it conveys, it’s no wonder why the Celtic cross tattoo emerged as one of the most popular cross tattoos designs.
The knots are designed in such a way that they form one loop having neither beginning nor end.
All together, Celtic cross tattoos adorned by this knot are made of many interlinking, uniform spirals. I have grown to love drawing tribal art because it enables my creative mind work more peacefully, and efficiently. One thing you have to remember about drawing tribal art, the lines and shapes have to flow within each other so they look unified and in the end look like a hole piece instead of shattered or scattered pieces that have no purpose.
Anyway, just keep trying and remember to sketch out your designs at first instead of inking them out. This way, if you make any mistakes you can go back to the messed up area, look at it, and asses the fix up.

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